Lets start with the basics

So judging from some of the comments I’ve received from my posts so far, I thought it might be best to give you a run down on the basics of cord-cutting.  Since I don’t know how comfortable you, the reader are with the concept of cord-cutting I figure I’ll start at the basics.  If you’re a pro at this bear with me and help new comers get up to speed with the trend.

First off, I just want to say I hate the term cord-cutting.  It sounds like a medical procedure.  I’d prefer cable cutting truth be told.  Now if you’re like me, or this guy, you’ve had it with high telecom bills.  More importantly you probably wonder why you’re paying for 900 channels but only watch 5.  Cutting your cable so to speak, essentially throws away the old format of watching television and allows you to customize your viewing habits to your lifestyle and schedule.

To get started, I recommend sitting down and asking yourself and your household what do you watch?  And what could you not go a week without watching?  I mean like you drop everything that you’re doing no matter how important and tune in and watch.  I’m betting you’d probably have zero or a few.  The majority of us now watch our shows in binges.  If you use your PVR at home a lot, then guess what you’re really only a small step away from throwing it away and joining us.

I recommend doing your research and invest in a device that suits your knowledge and comfort level best.  I’ve already posted a few thoughts on my devices here, here and here to help you out.  Find an app like Netflix or Crackle and make an account.  If you search around on app stores on your devices you can find a few other apps to download.  Shop around and find what you like.  The point of all this is to customize your experience to exactly what you like.  Once you’ve got your apps and accounts set up, you’re pretty much good to go.


3 thoughts on “Lets start with the basics”

  1. I still haven’t officially cut the cord! I am bundled with cogeco for internet & TV and I was going to get rid of TV altogether but it was maybe a $5.00 difference in cost and there were still a few shows I’d like to watch the odd time on cable. So I caved and I’m still paying a ridiculous cost for both. Who’s your internet provider? ( May I ask what you pay per month?) Thanks 🙂


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