Do Bell and Rogers understand what’s going on?

A few weeks ago you may have heard about Bell and Rogers announcing to little fan fare they were offering new basic cable packages starting at $25.  More about the packages can be read here.  These packages come about due to the CRTC hearings on television.

Critics have been quite vocal of the packages as well here, here, and here.  The general consensus is that this is Bell and Rogers once again trying to game the system to their advantage.  I have to admit that I’m inclined to agree.  This new package screams of trying to save their monopolies rather than provide a real choice.  As someone who cut my cable service years ago, I don’t see anything here to entice me to return.

However I don’t really blame Bell and Rogers for this.  I blame the CRTC.  They are the ones who let the situation get this bad for Canadian consumers.  Allowing Bell and Rogers to grow their monopolies to the point that they are completely unresponsive to the Canadian consumer.  Along comes streaming services such as Netflix and they have completely changed the playing field.  Check out this video to really explain how things have changed:


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