An update on my homebrew

My bottling process at home in my kitchen
Easy, peasy bottling at home. Or so I thought

Just thought I’d let you know how my brewing expedition is going.  Today I finally got to bottle my homebrew.  It didn’t go as smoothly as I had planned.  For starters I discovered that I did not have the required corn sugar for the bottling process.  After shopping around early in the morning I found that a local home brew shop had what I was looking for.

I raced home to get started.  I have to admit the smell from my fermenting bucket was intoxicating.  An encouraging sign after a few weeks of waiting.  Unfortunately, I’d have to wait a little bit longer.  My siphon  failed to work and eventually broke, forcing me to run out and buy a second one.  Once I was back in business I bottled my brew and am now waiting another two weeks before sampling.

We shall see if I was successful or not!

Tom Friedman and I think a like apparently

Coming off my last blog entry, I was reading Tom Friedman’s column in the New York Times and I have to say we share a lot of the same opinions.  Mostly this part:

the countries that nurture pluralism the best will be the ones that thrive the most in the 21st century. They will have the most political stability, attract the most talent and be able to collaborate with the most people. But it’s hard work.

I believe that we as a country have a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on this. Just something to think about for Canada Day. 

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