Can a city brand itself?

This came across my Facebook feed the other day.

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A thought on #bellletstalk day

Today’s the day that no doubt you are being bombarded by posts on social media by people sharing their encouraging thoughts or their stories to break down the stigma associated with mental health. It’s a pretty phenomenal concept when you think about. An entire movement crossing multiple demographics all concerned with the well being of strangers.

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Well, here we go again…

If you’re like me and have kids in the Catholic system here in Ontario, you’ll want to read this. OECTA is scheduling another walkout for Tuesday February 4th.

Link to the offical release is here

How do you negotiate when your word isn’t worth anything?

I was about to sneak off to bed last night when I saw this come across my twitter feed:

No matter your goal in a negotiation, you have to have the confidence of everyone at the table that you will hold true to what you promise. No matter the outcome. Thats what makes negotiations a worthwhile exercise.

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What do you do when you shoot yourself in the foot?

Let me start by saying, the Ontario PC idea to give money to parents during the rotating strikes by the teacher’s unions, is a really dumb move. It single handedly undermines their entire bargaining position. Did no one at the Ministers office say out loud, what the public perception would be to this about face? I’m sure they thought of it as public relations coup, but in reality it’s turned into a real disaster.

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