Why we need to save our restaurants

As I finished off in yesterday’s post I’d be expanding on my thoughts on saving the restaurant industry.

I woke up this morning to read news stories like this. The industry has never experienced trauma on this scale in it’s history. Which is why such vital an drastic measures must be taken to ensure it’s survivability through COVID 19.

There are a number of reasons why I think we need to give priority to the ideas of rent or loan deferment and even possible forgiveness for the next few months.

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I have a soft spot for restauranteurs

How will you want to be thought of after this is over?

In Canada, money is going to start flowing to those most affected by COVID 19. All levels of our government are reacting quickly to an ever changing scenario. Society is starting to adapt to what looks like will be our new norms for the foreseeable future.

We know an end to this will be somewhere down the road. At some point we will see a light at the end of this tunnel. When we finally emerge into a post-COVID 19 world, we will not be returning to business as usual. Repairs will be needed to our economy to get it back up to speed as quickly as possible.

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A Tale of Two Countries

Well it looks like help will be getting to Canadians sooner rather than later. This afternoon, the Senate passed the emergency COVID-19 legislation to get the money Canadians need into their pockets. While it took some negotiations between all federal parties, the help is on it’s way.

I’ll admit it looked like our federal government was about to fail all Canadians by not being able to get the legislation passed. However, it appears that democracy has prevailed and our system of checks and balances has worked. Compromise is apparently Canadian.

My little thread analysis of the situation last night
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Changes are coming, whether we like it or not

Earlier, I wrote about how happy I was to live in Canada during this global pandemic. That hasn’t changed. The pandemic is changing almost at an hourly rate it seems. Our federal, provincial and municipal leaders are taking this seriously and addressing the crisis as I would expect them to.

Which brings me to today’s unique sitting of the federal government to pass legislation to tackle the economic downturn we are all facing. I’m pleased to see our legislative system still functions. The Liberals are smart to back down on taxation measures that go beyond the normal accountability process of parliament.

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What are you doing still open?

If you’re like me, then your inbox is full of updates from every retail or online business you’ve ever interacted with, relating to COVID 19 updates. Its encouraging to see so many private enterprises adapting and accommodating to this ever changing reality.

Every business I’ve engaged with has either adjusted their store hours, their employee’s shifts or the way they function to accomodate for social distancing of their customers. Or in some cases have flat out closed.

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I’m Really, Really Glad to be a Canadian Right Now

Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announce $87 billion in aid to Canadians affected by COVID19 or in social isolation. As well Canadian small businesses will benefit as well helping them to stay afloat in these uncertain times.

Likewise, I’ve been please by my Premier Doug Ford’s approach to this crisis. All levels of government are working together to deal with this unprecedented global event free from partisanship. Focusing on the advice of experts and responding to the ever changing landscape factually and responsibly.

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Getting Through COVID 19 is Going to be a Marathon

Yesterday the news came down that health officials here in Ontario are recommending that restaurants and bars close for the foreseeable future due to Covid 19. While I’m not a public health expert, I do know a thing or two about the restaurant industry. And I have to say this is the worse possible news for the industry.

It’s bad news because of course public health is right. If we’re going to beat this thing then we are going to have to limit the opportunity for transmission. With St. Patrick’s day upon us, clearly not everyone is up to changing their behavior to limit exposure. As observed in Kingston this weekend:

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When I ran the numbers, I found something interesting

Coming off my last post, I thought I’d share this little bit of math I worked out back when Disney+ first came on the market.

I subscribe to the New York Times and they published an online interactive survey to determine what streaming services you should subscribe to. It’s here:

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