Steve Paikin had a great conversation about the plight of restaurants. Take a look.

I came across the link below yesterday. Steve Paikin once again manages to get to the crux of the issue. The conversation summarizes precisely my arguments here and here.

Take a look:

We’re going to have to talk about America at some point.

“America, I love you but you’re freaking me out…”

– America (You’re Freaking Me Out), The Menzingers

The USA is number 1. Number 1 in rate of COVID-19 infections and yesterday surpassed over 100,000 deaths from the disease. With a global death tally of over 300,000, the USA has roughly a third of all deaths for this pandemic. It should be clear to any impartial observer that America has absolutely failed in meeting this challenge.

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The Long Term Care Home Situation is a Turning Point.

For sometime, Ontarians had heard the cries for help from the long term care home sector. Things were bad. Help was needed. Government’s responses to the cries were usually yes of course, then a shrug of their shoulders or blatant ignoring of the problem. Then yesterday’s report from the Canadian Military landed like a bomb. The facts were our long term care homes are more akin to a horror movie than we wanted to believe.

Politicians were quick to take to the mic to express their shock and dismay. To exacerbate the seriousness of the report, the Prime Minister decided to chime in on provincial jurisdiction to voice his opinion. Something not common in our confederation. However all eyes right now are fixated on Ontario Premier Doug Ford and what his next steps are.

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Sobering and needed talk here

Watch this interview between Anderson Cooper and William Haseltine, a medical researcher, on the myth of a vaccine with COVID-19. I suggest you listen to it in it’s entirety. Especially if you’ve been to Trinity-Bellwoods Park in Toronto, or a pool party in the Ozarks this past week…

Here’s a friendly piece of advice to Doug Ford…

Hi Doug, can I call you Doug? Allow me to start this by coming clean. I am not a fan of yours. I’ve never been. Since your government was elected I’ve been an ardent critic of your policies and actions. When this pandemic hit, your track record to date did not leave me with a lot of confidence that we were in good hands. I mean look at it: the callous treatment of autistic families and children, the patronage appointments in the face of promises of accountability, and of course the needlessly long rotating school strikes parents and children were subjected to just prior to this pandemic hitting. Of course we can’t forget the incompetence of redesigning our province’s license plates to make them un readable when a light is shone on them. These are not the stories you want to have on the resume of the leader who is going to lead us through a pandemic response.

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The New York Times front page this morning is a monument to America’s failure.

The New York Times front page for May 24 showing the names of 100,000 COVID-19 victims to date

I say America’s and not just Trump’s because these victims are just as much a result of a culture of selfishness and greed, as they are of Donald Trump’s incompetence and lack of compassion.

They have no one to blame but themselves for this disaster. Where does a country go after a failure of this magnitude?

The innovators are the ones who will succeed

As the pandemic continues so does the re-opening of our economy. It’s been a rocky process to say the least. It’s clear though that the notion of re-opening our economy is something of a misnomer. Reading editorials and columnists across the country and one might come away with the idea that we are on the pathway to returning to a pre-COVID19 way of life.

As sector by sector opens the new golden rule of the economy is the better able you are to facilitate social distancing the better off you’ll be to accommodate customers and clientele. This is of course easier said than done. Small business models were created with the intention of interacting intimately with customers and clientele. If you owned a small retail or restaurant you expected to be in close proximity to customers. Even if you’re small business was a more professional setting, you no doubt anticipated going into a sales pitch or delivering results in person and to shake a few hands.

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The rent is too damn high…

Yesterday the Prime Minister stood outside the cottage at Rideau Hall to encourage landlords to participate in the CECRA program. In order to protect both their investments and small businesses from going bankrupt across the country.

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Does it seem like we’re doing this backwards?

Coming off yesterday’s post:

I saw this post on Twitter:

Seems to sum up the priorities we’re dealing with opening up the province again.

It’s not a failure to stop now

I’m writing this as Ontario’s Minister of Education Stephen Lecce is planning to announce the plans for remainder of the school year. Right now, the state of emergency in Ontario has been extended until June 2nd. What happens after that date is anyone’s guess right now.

Right now parents and educators are wondering if the remainder of the school year will be spent inside school walls or not. Quebec’s big open was cut short due to the fact that the Montreal region is still not under control in terms of new COVID-19 cases. In France, images from their new school yard protocols invoke images of prison rather than school.

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