A little confidence can go a long way…

I fear that there is a new complacency out there. As the country reopens our economy stage by stage, province by province the consensus seems to be, we’ve beat this thing lets go back to the way things were. Perhaps that is why Dr. Tam, needed to issue a reminder that COVID-19 is still a thing and can come back and bite us in the butt if we’re not ready.

Here in Ontario, we’ve reopened into stage 2. The highlight of which is that haircuts are now available and patios are open for business. All under new guidelines for operating. The problem is that there is no enforcement of these guidelines. When probed on this idea of enforcement, Premier Doug Ford responded with a shrug and stating its impossible to do. I’m sorry Doug, but in this case the honour system isn’t going to cut it.

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The other side of reopening

In the mad rush south of the border to reopen their economy, COVID-19 has made a dramatic comeback:

There are lessons to be learned here. One of which is that COVID-19 doesn’t care about your intentions. It will exploit any gaps you can give it. Which means as we reopen our economy here in Ontario and Canada at large we have to remain even more aware of the presence of this disease.

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Closing a provincial economy is a lot easier than reopening it,…apparently

Remembering back in March, the urgency and shock to us all, when federal and provincial leaders declared that work and public spaces will be closed as long as the pandemic exists. New rules and norms would need to govern our lives and workplaces while COVID-19 was a threat.

Four months later, we are looking at reopening work places. However confusion abounds about the rules governing our reopening here in Ontario.

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Right now it’s all about confidence

Here in Ontario and across the country, we are moving into the next stages of re-opening of our economy. Some provinces are proceeding faster than others. There appears to be somewhat of a race to see which province can get open as quickly as possible, when compared to it’s neighbors.

The problem though it seems the reopenings are moving too fast for people to catch up. In B.C. surveys have shown that workers in restaurants and small businesses are unsure about their safety as the province contemplates moving into stage 3. Anecdotally, here in Ontario I’ve noticed major retailers, notably Canadian Tire, have regressed in their COVID-19 policies. Gone is their curbside pick up, now forcing customers to wander into crowded stores to pick up items they’ve ordered online.

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Is Mr. Lecce taking the summer off?

Yesterday, Ontario Minister for Education Stephen Lecce announced new math curriculum for implementation in the fall. I’ve looked at the announcement. As a parent I’ll admit, I rather like the changes. Coding, budgeting, and basically financial literacy all are excellent tools to teach our children to succeed at life.

What good is it though, if it can’t be taught to children properly? Based on feedback from parents and teachers, it can generally be assumed that distance learning has not been a resounding success. Replicating the in classroom experience is impossible in a virtual setting. Shortcomings abound in the software and the experience itself does not encourage learning amongst students, regardless of age. A lot of work needs to be done to build a new teaching platform that accomplishes the task of educating our students on what is needed. As well, as train and educate teachers, support staff and boards on how to properly implement and use it. To say this is a monumental undertaking is an understatement.

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America is forever lost…

Have you seen this tweet circulating?

That’s America I suppose in a nutshell. A group of people trying to do the right thing but being foiled by idiots who care more about being selfish than compassion. All in the name of freedom.

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How are you going to play ball in a pandemic?

Mr. Lecce, you didn’t do your homework did you?

Yesterday, the Ontario Minister for Education announced the plans for schools to begin in the fall in the midst of this pandemic. You can see the release here. The take away is that there are three possible scenarios for schools in the fall.

1. Full opening with new social distancing guidelines for students and teachers.

2. Some mix of in class activities and distance learning.

3. We are back in lockdown and classes must resume under distance learning protocols.

For many parents this isn’t news. Any one with a passing knowledge of the news today, could see that these were really the only options available to schools. This announcement amounted to nothing, and was more akin to a student presenting their book report after not reading the book.

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Take a pic of yourself in plaid and post it to Twitter using #plaidfordad and Janssens Canada will donate $5 per picture to Prostate Cancer research.

So this is me doing the bare minimum for the cause.

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