Today is the Day…

Today is Relay at Home. As COVID-19 forced all of us to adjust our lives in dramatic fashion, so to did the ways our not for profits fundraise. The Canadian Cancer Society’s mission to find a life free from cancer persists despite the pandemic. Unfortunately it has meant that the standard events to capitalize on people’s generosity were transitioned into a new untested virtual format.

It has been an interesting and unprecedented process. My first year volunteering with Relay for Life. Learning from previous years volunteers about what resonates well with participants, what new avenues of revenue we could experiment with, and making new connections in the community was a fun rewarding experience. Then that all ended. COVID-19 resulted in shutting down a time tested fundraising event and literally everyone’s knowledge and expertise went out the window. No one really knows how to fundraise in a pandemic.

However, the professionals that we all are, we persist. Innovation and adaptation were the new ethos of the day and they were embraced. This new virtual format is exciting. It’s groundbreaking and who knows in the world of COVID-19 it might be trendsetting. I hope you sign up if you haven’t already by going here:

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