Nothing makes sense any more

The admiration many have had for the Premier lately is starting to falter. The transition into a new COVID-19 world has repeatedly been met with confusion from the public. Social distancing guidelines were announced to be expanding to 10 people on Monday last week. Only to learn on Friday, when they came into effect were a strict exclusion zone that probably would’ve taken sometime to research and create. News we all could’ve used at the start of the week to ask friends and family. It doesn’t really matter though, as if you really wanted to get together with friends and family, just visit a grocery store or the garden centre to shout between aisles. They are wide open.

The province has been divided into two stages for opening the economy. Again this makes no sense to protect people. It only harms small businesses. I live in Burlington, there is nothing stopping my family from leaving our stage 1 zone and traveling 30 minutes to stage 2 in Brantford or Guelph for a haircut or any other service not available to us in a stage 1 zone. I hope by now you’ve come to the same conclusion as I have that you’re not seeing how these measure protect human lives.

It appears to me that the Ontario government has it’s priorities backwards. Wanting to reopen business, but failing to remember the one key part of the equation all economies need. People. Social distancing guidelines are haphazard and confusing in this province. The guidelines to creat a social bubble is a 3 page complex document that requires multiple readings to solve. Compare this BC’s guidelines:

BC’s social gathering guidelines one pager.

Confusion reigns supreme in the province of Ontario. Premier Ford and his cabinet are regressing back into old habits. A fear of asking for help from people who are smarter than them. Currently, the premier’s advisory team on COVID-19 remains cloaked in mystery. Openness and transparency is needed to instill confidence that the situation is being handled. If we all know what the plan is, we can all work towards it’s successful implementation.

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