Do Letters Really Work?

In the lead up to the stage 2 reopening of the province, I have commented that the logic behind the process has been murky and confusing. Monday’s report that the stage 2 reopening has been expanded in Ontario does little to assuage that feeling.

On June 8th, the provincial government released it’s plan to move into stage 2 of it’s reopening process. The next day Halton mayors Marianne Meed Ward (Burlington), Gord Krantz (Milton), Rob Burton (Oakville), Rick Bonnettte (Halton Hills) and Regional Chair Gary Carr, issued a letter to Premier Doug Ford, advocating Halton region be added to the stage 2 reopening.

Most infamously, the Mayors of Haldimand and Norfolk counties protested the news by getting haircuts. To which the Premier rebuked them sternly in his press conference by saying: “You can’t have it both ways“.

Then yesterday, Premier Ford in his daily press conference, announced that all but Toronto, Windor-Essex and Peel regions would be allowed to enter stage 2 reopening. What is the messaging being sent to Ontarians on this blatnant reversal of statements by the Premier? We are being told that a patient with COVID-19 must quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. If the areas of Haldimand-Norfolk and Halton and other regions of the province were presumably ill-prepared to handle reopening their economies due to their confirmed cases, what has changed in less than one week?

Something doesn’t add up here. The justification provided by the Ford government now appears to be arbitrary and specious. If the scientific facts stated to the decision makers that the regions were not ready to reopen their economies, then that is understandable. However, it’s becoming more and more apparent that these decisions are made with a more political mindset in place, rather than sound medical knowledge.

The path forward to a COVID-19 centric world cannot be based on heresay and good intentions. Our leaders need to be basing their decisions on scientific and medical facts, not what is best for the political classes chances for re-election. It’s becoming clear, that Doug Ford is not willing to do what is necessary for the good of the province. Instead what is best for his image right now. Apparently, writing a letter can get you what you want in the age of COVID-19.

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