Seems I’m not the only one who thinks our leaders are passing the buck

I wrote this morning about why I thought our leadership isn’t stepping up to the plate in terms of the reopening of society into a COVID-19 centric world.

Looks like Jim Young and I share the same ideas on this. From his column yesterday in The Spec:

Our politicians vacillate. The feds say the provinces must act, Premier Doug Ford says it should be decided locally, GTHA municipal leaders beg the province for universal standards. Everyone agrees that mandatory face covering in close public proximity is a good idea. Yet none of them act. They claim it will be difficult to enforce. Sorry, but a good idea is still a good idea! If enforcement is a barrier, eliminate the barrier not the idea. Public smoking, speeding and drunk driving are tough to enforce, and we do that. The job of leaders is to lead. Please don’t squander the months of sacrifice by millions of Ontarians, putting lives, jobs and businesses on hold, to fight this virus and save lives. That fight is not yet over.

– Jim Young, If our governments won’t protect us during this pandemic, we must protect each other The Spec Sunday July 5, 2020

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