Dude, we’re finally getting masks

As the province rushed to reopen into Stage 2, our local municipal mayors in Halton were quick to advocate to include us in the reopening:

We were granted permission to reopen. Then came confusion. Businesses needed clarity on how to reopen to ensure their customers and their employees were safe from COVID-19. People wanted to know should masks now be standard wear when going out in public? What was the rule on mask? The response from our leaders? A collective shrug.

Meanwhile, as other municipalities like Toronto and Peel reopened, mask orders were issued. Still we quibbled. Was the fear that they’d have to deal with people like this:

Only yesterday did we finally get word that at least here in Burlington will our city council issue an order to make face masks mandatory.

As I understand it, the other municipal councils in the region are issuing their own mask orders. This should not have taken this long. If the regions mayors and chair were so eager and quick to issue a formal demand to reopen into stage 2, it would be incumbent on them to do so safely. Failure to provide a comprehensive plan to keep us safe as we reopen the economy could set back all the hard work that has been accomplished to keep COVID-19 at bay.

We need to be smarter about this. Leadership shouldn’t be hoping to get away with the bare minimum. Well thought out plans are needed. Sometimes that means having to make difficult choices and to show leadership by getting the public to buy into them. The thing with this pandemic it seems though, is that there will be plenty more difficult decisions to come.

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