How do you blow through your public support in less than a month?

This was the story from the Globe and Mail’s Caroline Alphonso. An abrupt shift in flexibility from Ontario’s Minister of Education on guidelines for reopening our schools in the fall.

If you talk to any parent of a child in the school system and you will realize they are dealing with a new level of anxiety. The economic reopening is proceeding at what appears to be breakneck speed in Ontario. Yet the province is dragging its feet and passing the buck on what the school system will look like come Labour Day.

Yesterday as well the Ford government tabled a huge omnibus bill touching on many pieces of legislation. Little of it deals with the complexities of restructuring our schools so that children are kept as safe as possible from COVID-19.

The bare fact is this: the Ford government is moving to get us all back to work come hell or high water. Our kids are an after thought on the process. Whether this is intentional or due to a lack of imagination doesn’t matter right now. It’s clear, if we move into stage 3 reopening many parents will be forced to return to work with school only being able to house our children half of the week. Parents are going to be left as collateral damage to scramble to find child care on a part time basis. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that was virtually impossible even before COVID-19.

The Ford government lead by Min Lecce has taken us all back to the anxiety we all experienced just prior to the pandemic at the star of the year. Only crank up the anxiety to 11 now cause we’ve thrown in a pandemic on top.

At this point all the good will and confidence that Doug Ford has earned in handling this pandemic is gone out the window. We are back to the stumble around incompetence that gave us unusable license plates, mass teacher strikes, pointless law suits, and rampant cronyism.

The actions of the Ford government in reopening our economy have lacked empathy, wisdom, imagination and vision. Instead we have been left with incompetence and incredulity stumbling around. Creating more crises than we need right now.

To all of this right now all I can say is: Congratulations Doug Ford, you’re back on track to being a one term government.

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