Change is coming and we need to prepare for it.

Way back at the start of this pandemic, I wrote about how life would be irrevocably changed because of this pandemic. I stand by those words. How can you not when you see the graphic above?

In a recent poll, nearly 80% of Canadians supported keeping the US/Canada border closed. And how can you blame us when you see data like this:

– From CNN

Here’s the thing. Those two charts tell the tale of a country that has given up on fighting COVID-19. Turn on the nightly news and you’ll be inundated with stories of states being overwhelmed by cases. As well as images of Americans adamantly refusing to wear masks in public spaces.

As much as people are hopeful that Joe Biden will replace Donald Trump as president this fall, I don’t think it matters that much. The key to defeating this pandemic was at the start. To educate people on the very real dangers of the disease and what they ought to do to keep themselves and others safe. Instead it is a political cudgel for opponents to attack each other with.

The people who will vote for Joe Biden are more than likely to be already following COVID-19 safety protocols. How does he convince the remaining population, as well as state legislatures to enact necessary laws and regulations to keep people safe? I don’t think he can. At least not without invoking grand executive measures.

What does this mean for us and the rest of the world? I don’t know. It does mean we can’t wait for America to get it’s act together. As the economies of states around the world open as we get a better handle on this virus, we are going to end up leaving the USA behind. In Canada it’s going to mean needing to look to new partnerships and a greater reliance on interprovincial trade to see us through. Any student of Canadian history knows that is a tall order to fulfill.

This isn’t an overnight event. However, the writing is on the wall. And if indeed this state of affairs continues with ebbs and flows of infection for the foreseeable future, change is inevitable. The process is already begun, the question now is how do navigate it.

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