Life with COVID-19 is more complicated than we thought

As many provinces and jurisdictions across the province continue to reopen their economies, confusion is starting to take hold. It is understandable to see the rush to restaurants and public spaces again. Especially after being in lockdown for four months.

However as the economy reopens its apparent that we are seeing a steady increase in new cases. The fact is clear, as social distancing guidelines are lifted or loosened COVID-19 comes back. Which leads us to the obvious fact. We are not returning to our way of life prior to March 2020. Things we took for granted, like being able to window shop, browse, go out and run errands, or sit for hours in a restaurant catching up with friends are indeed history. New norms and practices are going to be needed. Not only for our safety, but to level the playing field for businesses.

Which brings me to this article on Toronto Mayor John Tory’s suggestions for better policy in regards to restaurants. The rush to reopen our economy has left many in the public uncertain. Concern over contracting COVID-19 or passing it on to others is very valid. Just look at the article I shared above. However, small businesses need to be able to attract customers if they want to survive. Setting up policies like what Mayor Tory prescribed can help to rebuild confidence in the economy. The engine of the economy is primed, it just needs that confidence to open the throttle a little bit at a time.

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