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Our initial reception to the launch of The 905er has been tremendous. We’ve heard from people all across the region praising this exciting new venture. For too long we’ve had a void of competitive media to discuss the issues and stories that affect us here in Canada’s most important geographic region.

We’re in the process of adding it to Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify and TuneIn for you to listen to at your convenience. However in the meantime you can listen to us here:

Rebroadcast – Jason Cassis Opens Up About Opening Ontario Up The 905er Podcast

Originally aired – July 15   Almost exactly a year ago, Jason Cassis of Equal Parts Hospitality was one of the first guests on the 905er Podcast, discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry. He returns now to give us an update on all that has happened in the interim – and there is a lot. While everybody knows that restaurants, bars, and so many other businesses have been hurt by COVID, Jason's description of the full spectrum of challenges – which are not likely to disappear quickly even if COVID is finally under control – is a must-listen. For the chain of hotels launched during the pandemic, Jason mentions, see The Laundry Rooms. If you like what the 905er does, please consider supporting us at Patreon. For a week, for a month, for a year — it all helps cover our costs and helps us cover more of the stories you want to see. Thanks to: Nicholas Paul: sound editing Our fantastic Team 905er Patrons.
  1. Rebroadcast – Jason Cassis Opens Up About Opening Ontario Up
  2. Rebroadcast – 905 Round-up: Homage to Caledonia?
  3. What is Happening on Ontario University Campuses?
  4. 905 Round-up: Vax, Tracts and Macs
  5. 905-Round-up: Lauren Wallis of Halton Parents for Change

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