We still haven’t figured out the start of school.

Found this column in my social media this morning.

Jane Sims with the London Free Press, wrote this article about the last minute race to get back to school. Frankly why are we still rushing to change the plan days left to go until the scheduled start of school?

We’ve had months to plan. This stage of the pandemic was predicted in May. When our medical officials all stated that life would not be returning to normal until a vaccine was developed and distributed. Why wasn’t planning started then?

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A reflection in the pandemic

This seems to be a growing theme with me in recent months. The conflict between wanting things to go back to the comfort of a non pandemic life, and the inevitable approach of change.

I’ve written a lot about the changes that we are all going through. The pandemic has revealed many things about our society. Some good and some definitely bad. The precarious nature of our employment for starters. How millions were instantly laid off and threw our economy into chaos. Our support systems are too weak to handle this stress. In fact a lot of our social systems are proving to be too weak to handle this pandemic.

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Things are going to look very different this fall

I’m sharing a video of a webinar the Halton Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hamidah Meghani. She outlines how the return to school protocols will look for this fall.

It’s very clear the school year is going to look very very different from anything we’re used to. I suspect that this is going to be a taste of things to come for a very very long time.

The 905er Episode 5 is ready to listen to!

This weeks episode was a bit of a change of pace. Still fascinating nevertheless. If you’ve been a long time reader of my site, you’ll know that the hospitality industry holds a special place in my heart.

We spoke with Jason Cassis owner of Equal Parts Hospitality in Hamilton. While other restaurants are shutting down or barely staying afloat, he is taking the initiative to open a new concept restaurant. A virtual kitchen called Mamma Rossa, which serves exclusively delivery and catering options to customers.

It was a fascinating and in my opinion really uplifting discussion. The pandemic has provided new opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. We’ll need that innovation and risk taking spirit to transform our economy into a post-COVID19 model.

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To Change is to Survive…

We are heading in to month six of this pandemic. Trends are starting to develop and new normals are starting to take root in our culture and society. However, like all change, it is slow and many are reluctant to embrace it. Some no doubt because of the uncertainty of what the future may hold. Others because they long to return to the predictability and routine of the past.

In recent months though, it has become apparent that we are in the process of reorganizing our society in a very fundamental manner. I hinted at this way back at the start of this pandemic, here. As the pandemic is progressed so too has the necessity to reevaluate many assumptions we took for granted. The manner of which we organized our economy is fundamentally shifting. Look at this article in the New York Times on the subject matter.

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Doug Ford is showing where his priorities are

The start of school is only a few weeks away. Many school boards are scrambling to finalize their plans and try to find a way to make sure schools are as safe as possible. Much at the expense to any long term projects the boards might have. As the requirement to hire more teachers and find space is coming out of reserves or planning for debt spending.

Global News – Guelph’s public school board to hire 160 teachers to reduce class sizes


Toronto Star – Toronto public school board to hire 366 elementary teachers, reduce class sizes

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Trudeau pulls a Harper

I don’t often write about federal politics here. Mostly as there is ample coverage from other sources than me. However this weeks news about prorogation has made me want to chime in. There are a number of aspects of this that I’d look at so please bear with me.

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School is starting and we’re back where we were in March

I know you’re thinking I’m referring to the pandemic. Sort of. Mostly I’m referring to the teacher’s unions rotating strikes that were frustrating parents. Remember those? They seem like a lifetime ago. In some cases they were. A brief recap if you will.

The Ontario government and every provincial teacher’s union were at an impasse over proposed new spending cuts on the part of the Ford government. Every teachers union in every board of the province were utilizing rotating strike schedules to protest the government’s plans. The result was chaos in scheduling for parents and a dive in the polling numbers for the Ford government.

Then COVID-19 hit us like a freight train. Immediately all of those issues were put on the back burner. Contracts were signed as the province shut down our schools. Premier Ford enjoyed a huge uptick in support in the polls. To him it must have seemed like the previous two years had never happened.

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The 905er gets insight on going back to school

This week’s episode of The 905er we talked with Halton District School Board Chair Andrea Grebenc as well as Halton Catholic District School Board Vice Chair Marvin Duarte.

It was an eye opening discussion on the difficulties our school boards have been faced with in ensuring our schools are safe to return to in the fall. A process that hasn’t been made easier by the Ministry of Education.

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