This is an appalling indictment of your own return to school plan.

Just who exactly is running the show at Queen’s Park leading up to Ontario returning to school this fall?

This entirely just passing the buck to any accountability for the consequences of the plan. As we discussed in our latest episode of The 905er, there are so many more questions being asked than being answered over the plan to return to school.

We need leadership on this file, and time is running out.

The 905er Checks on the State of Our Mental Health The 905er Podcast

A year into Covid-19 and our already-stretched mental health services in the 905 region are seeing unprecedented levels of demand. Adults and children alike are finding the uncertainty and isolation of life during pandemic to be a challenge, and as months have become over a year, those challenges only become more difficult. In today's episode Joel and Roland talk to Melanie McGregor of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Halton Branch, about how Covid-19 has affected our mental health services, and the fact that access to mental health professionals can be far more difficult than it should be, because it is not fully funded under OHIP. If you are facing mental health challenges because of Covid-19 or for any other reason, there are multiple services available to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Please make sure you speak to a professional as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a crisis, call Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST): 1-877-825-9011. If you are not in crisis, but need counselling, support or advice, CMHA Halton provides free walk-in counselling. At present this is being provided by phone. Call 289-291-5396 to speak to a counsellor within 24 hours. Outside Halton, CMHA has branches across the GTHA and all of Ontario. Visit to find your local branch. You can make a donation to support CMHA's work at Mental health services specifically for children are provided in Halton by ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids). Their crisis line is 905-878-9785, and they provide multiple other methods for children and parents to contact them for assistance and support, detailed on their website. Thanks to those who help us put this together: Thanks to our patrons! You can join them at Supporting the 905er with a monthly donation enables us to do this podcast, to make it better and better, and to make sure it reflects your priorities. Please consider joining our growing team. The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes! Don’t forget to check out, even if you get the podcast delivered to you automatically. We post additional news and stories there, and welcome submissions and ideas for additional content.    
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Update: This was tweeted out this afternoon from Colin D’Melio from CTV News during Premier Ford’s news conference today:

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