A follow up on the Nazi Monument in Oakville

I wrote previously about the memorial to a Nazi SS division in an Oakville Ukrainian cemetery. Apparently I’m not the only person offended by it’s presence. You can see the InsideHalton article here goes more in depth on it.

What I find perplexing though, is some of the comments on the article, trying to ‘both sides’ this article. Arguing in favour of it to preserve history and ‘liberalism run amok’.

Quick fact check here: Those liberals against Nazis fought a war to defeat the them and their ideology. Also you don’t erect monuments to the losing side.

5 thoughts on “A follow up on the Nazi Monument in Oakville”

  1. Mr.MacLeod, , you just don’t get it ;)))) Your comment here ” . Also you don’t erect monuments to the losing side.” is rubbish. The monument was erected because they fought for Ukrainian independence against the commies. Your problem is you don’t know basic facts about WW2 and you know little about Ukraine’s history. Who is putting up a monument for a losing side ?

    World war two was started by both the USSR and the Nazi Germany’. Historians agree on this – read the resolution of the Euro parliament and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe . Both have passed resolutions stating that the war was started by two tyrants and nations and they both bare the responsibility of what happened – 100m deaths, destruction of many European nations. See here -https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/B-9-2019-0098_EN.html Keeping that in mind, SS Galizien, when it was formed, were fighting AGAINST communist tyranny, which occupied Ukraine. they weren’t fighting for the bad guys, like you claim. Once they found out both sides were bad, they then fought against the Nazis as well. The unit was formed to fight for Ukrainian independence against the communist occupiers. You seem to not grasp two basic facts – the ussr and nazi germany started ww2 and collaborated for two years. both are the bad guys. In Ukraine at different times, the soviets and the Nazi’s were looked as liberators, In 1939 – the soviets were for a short time, which ended quickly . The same with the Nazis’ in 1941-43. Those that fought in SS Galizien were fighting for their independence – they were not involved in any crimes against himanity. They at at that point didn’t know what the Nazis were up. Lest we forget that the west named Hitler man of the year in 1938.

    The Deschenes commission investigated all Ukrainian groups – not one Ukrainian was found to be guilty of even one war crime. Many others were found to have been involved in war crimes – Jews, Hungarians, Latvians, Russians. Deschenes commission — “Late in 1986, the commission turned the names of the 20 people over to the government with recommendations on how to proceed in each case.”-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desch%C3%AAnes_Commission. Not one of those was a Ukrainian and not one fought in SS Galizien

    My advice to you , , acquaint yourself with World War Two and Ukrainian history. I understand you need to kiss the arse of those that feed you . But just maybe research the topic before putting your foot in your mouth.

    let’s call a spade a spade……


    PS– I am a Ukrainian Jew myself . I find articles like yours a distortion of history and facts.


    1. “Some Ukrainians see Shukhevych and SS Galizien Division members as heroes. They argue that those individuals served the Nazis because they saw them as liberators from the Russians. Their ultimate goal was an independent Ukraine.

      But to claim that these individuals were not Nazi collaborators is something else. They served Hitler.

      In May 1944, SS leader Heinrich Himmler addressed the Ukrainian SS recruits in a speech. “Your homeland has become more beautiful since you have lost – on our initiative, I must say – the residents who were so often a dirty blemish on Galicia’s good name – namely the Jews,” said Himmler. “I know that if I ordered you to liquidate the Poles, I would be giving you permission to do what you are eager to do anyway.”

      Himmler speech was greeted with cheers from the Ukrainian recruits.”



      1. “But to claim that these individuals were not Nazi collaborators is something else. They served Hitler.” – that’s your opinion. Not mine. They fought under the SS for an independent Ukraine. two very different things. the USSR collaborated with Hitler for two years. They served with Hitler hand in hand. Do you condemn the USSR for that ? do you condemn the west for collaborating with Hitlers in the 30’s ? you’re condemning a small group who fought for their own independence, yet I don’t see you writing about the USSR- there statues world wide for the soviet heroes. do you condemn them for fighting with Hitler ?

        BTW, I asked you last time. do you condemn the 150,000 Jews that served in the Whermacht ? https://www.haaretz.com/1.4747962 ,https://www.amazon.ca/Hitlers-Jewish-Soldiers-Descent-Military/dp/0700613587 ? I mean why do they get a pass ? what about the Jewish police ? kapos ?

        So do you condemn all of the above or only the Ukrainians that fought for Ukrainian independence ? You say they served Hitler – your opinion. I say they served Ukraine with who they thought was an ally. they didn’t fight for Nazi Germany to help the Nazis occupy Ukraine. they fought to remove the commies from Ukraine. The Deschenes commission agrees with me.

        I highly recommend you research what you are writing about.

        Sincerely, D Wasserman


      2. It is amazing at how you cherry pick what you want to justify your support for Nazi collaborators.

        Don’t what about me on this.

        The division signed up to join the elite of the elite Nazi division. They were conscripts recruited and forced to fight.

        These people willingly knew what they were getting into.


  2. look up the word cherry pick ))) giving many groups a pass, and condemning one group, is the definition of cherry picking. do you condemn the USSR for collaborating with the Nazis for two years ? do you condemn the 150,000 Jews that served in the Wehrmacht ? you can’t condemn SS Galizien – who fought for Ukrainian independence and give a pass to the USSR and the 150,000 Jews that served in the Wehrmacht. That’s the definition of cherry picking.

    they willingly fought against the commies for an independent Ukraine. They were not recruited to work in camps or to commit atrocities, You can’t gloss over this detail.

    If everyone who served the Nazis is bad – than it’s everyone. You can’t ignore the 150,000 Jews that served in the Whermacht or the USSR that armed, fed, trained and fought with the Nazis for two years. No more cherry picking !!!


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