Complacency is policy

It’s been a little while since I made an entry into my blog it seems. In the time since, the province and the country continue to barrel towards reopening the economy. As more and more businesses and industries reopen, stories like this are becoming popular:

I see other tweets like this as well pop up on my feed:

It is becoming apparent that the provincial government is reluctant to institute any significant changes at all to ensure a second wave of COVID-19 doesn’t incapacitate us again. Schools are reopening with little to no changes to policy or structure. Parents are fearful of their children’s safety. Businesses are operating in uncertainty and no clear guidance.

Essentially, no changes are being made to our economy or social structures based on what we have learned from the previous six months. The government has relinquished responsibility for ensuring the safety of people. Instead they are looking to the private sector to come up with solutions to very complex issues, with no input or regulation from government.

This is a dangerous time to back away from leadership. Signs are apparent that this fall a second wave is a very real possibility if we do not prepare. The fear for many parents is our schools will become epicenters of the next outbreak. Should this happen, it is not clear that we are going to be able to return to lockdown again. We had a chance to prepare ourselves for this possibility. Instead we are squandering the opportunity.

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