There is growing division in the province

Anxiety about returning to school is settling in amongst parents in Ontario. Questions that have been asked since schools first closed in March are not being answered. The provincial government is sticking dogmatically to it’s plan of returning to school as is, with the exception of encouraging and mandating masks. As well as providing $308 million for use to sterilize and clean every school in Ontario.

Which is why articles like this show signs of a growing divide in the province:

Petition bashing Ontario’s ‘reckless’ back-to-school plan exceeds 200,000 signatures

You can sense that the camaraderie and support the Ford government had at the start of this pandemic is quickly fading. As September approaches, it’s becoming apparent that we don’t know what will happen. We just don’t have all the facts.

In light of that, the government’s actions (or inaction as you might see it) amounts to gambling on a hopeful outcome. It might pay off. I hope it does. If however it does not and we have to return to lockdown again, Premier Ford isn’t going to be enjoying another bump in support in the polls.

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