The season of change is upon us.

The seasons are about change and rebirth. It is part of life that we all accept. As we enter into the fall, we begin to prepare for change once again. That change this year, is unprecedented as we continue to struggle with life with COVID-19.

For parents around the world, they are struggling to adapt to a new school environment. The school year comes with new risks to us all. Federally, the government is preparing to end many of the programs it put in place at the start of the pandemic. CERB is ending, and the CEWS is ending in December.

Criticism still abounds in the government’s response to the pandemic. Arguments exist that the supports were a failure to begin with. Destined to fail. Erin O’Toole, newly minted Conservative Party leader, has made the argument that jobs should have been prioritized over handing money to people directly.

The problem I find with these arguments is they are suited to a time prior to COVID-19. As we inch closer and closer to the inevitable second wave, it is becoming apparent that consumer confidence isn’t there. The restaurant industry is still facing significant closures, and this week the CNE expressed concerns it’s not going to be able to survive after this year.

New thinking is required to get us through this pandemic. The programs the federal government put in place, were helpful to stem the tide and prevent a mass collapse of our economy. However, we have reached the stage where we need to seriously rethink how this all works. Jobs are not returning on mass to displaced workers. Major sectors of the economy are on shaky ground. Propped up by government supports.

It is apparent that the supports cannot stay forever as they exist right now. However, the economy and society cannot survive without them. Something new will be required. Whether that is a UBI, a modified EI structure or something different, it remains to be seen.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Jason Cassis on my podcast The 905er. He’s a restauranteur in Hamilton. He’s innovating his way out of this pandemic. We need to allow folks like him to innovate our economy and way of life. Instead of struggling to preserve an old way that no longer serves us as long as COVID-19 exists.

We are a smart and industrious people. We can’t be afraid of change. Things are going to change indeed as we find a way to live through this pandemic.

In case you missed it, I’ll leave a link to the podcast below here for you to listen to.

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