New 905er Episode with Dave Meslin is up!

Get it while it’s fresh!

This week we talk with Dave Meslin, who is a noted author and activist for democratic reform. The issue of ranked ballots continues to come up in our lives. Many folks remember the fiasco with the federal government of trying to change our archaic first past the post system with a more equitable model.

That debate just degenerated into a partisan bickering match, with no consensus reached at all. Dave made the interesting point in the podcast that true democratic reform often starts at the municipal level. Once we get used to how we elect our city council officials in a more fair and democratic manor, its easy to translate that to other levels of government.

Can the 905 region become an incubator for democratic reform? Can we be the catalyst for meaningful change across the country?

Click on the link below and have a listen to find out!

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