Change of season, change of routine

The few regular readers of my site may notice of recent weeks that my writing has been somewhat irregular in frequency.

Essentially its because I’ve out of lockdown mode. Well my household has. I picked up this blog writing at the start of the pandemic, because it took my mind off the situation. However, my daily schedule has changed.

Like many of you, my children are back to school. Which means I can’t get up and rush to my keyboard to bang out an entry. Life has taken on a different priority than, blogging.

As well, I’ve found that my new venture, which I have yet to monetize is taking up a lot of my free time. Producing and promoting my podcast The 905er is quickly turning into a full time job. Shameless self promotion here: take a listen if you haven’t yet. I’m pretty proud of the work we’re producing there.

Click here to be taken to my podcast

My writing may be less frequent but I hope it will be more poignant. Perhaps, perhaps not. Time will tell. I hope you stick around to find out with me.

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