The death of RBG has turned the American election into a battle for it’s soul

The news was shocking to many last night. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. A judicial mind of eminent success, I believe I would do her memory injustice to attempt to categorize it here. Needless to say, her presence on the U.S. Supreme Court was a beacon for liberals and progressives. Helping to keep the progressive light alive in the face of overwhelming conservatism.

Progressives on both sides of the border are trembling in fear over what comes next. I started to wonder why. My only answer to that was that progressives in the United States took their eyes off the prize. Often too obsessed with winning the presidency, they forgot how their system of government worked. Republicans and conservatives did not. They have been playing the long game for decades, if not generations now. Institutionalizing a specific brand of conservatism in bodies around the country. Most relevant and poignant right now is the Federalist society. An organization which many probably are not aware of, and yet have probably more impact on their lives than they are aware of. The society is a group of conservative minded, and financially backed legal minds and judges with the goal of remaking the American judiciary in their image. Five of the judges on the U.S. Supreme Court are members. President Trump, doesn’t have the attention span or the stomach to have a meaningful opinion on this particular subject, so he has been essentially farming out the appointment process to the society to pick his judicial appointments. I’m hoping you can start to see where I am going with this.

Many progressives remember the final year of president Obama’s term, where Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell blocked his nomination of a Supreme Court justice. Utilizing the guise of an election year as a justification to block the appointment. Progressives are using this to state a precedent to suspend a new nomination process until after this election cycle is over.

Only one problem with this line of belief. And that is Mitch McConnell:

The man is one of the most despicable and opportunities human beings I have ever seen. I’m not even certain I can call him conservative, as he appears to have no moral or ethical boundaries, other than a pathological desire to win over progressives at all costs. Even his own reputation.

Progressives were playing checkers all along, while conservatives were playing chess. For decades, conservative politicians and financiers have been slowly waiting for this moment. An opportunity to secure the Supreme Court in their favour for the next generation. Why is this important? In the last decade the most important decisions affecting American society and politics have been made in the Supreme Court. Citizens United, which allowed unlimited corporate monies to heavily influence campaigns, the defeat of gerrymandering reform, as well as the repeal of the Voter Rights Act all happened in the Supreme Court. The impact of those decisions are being felt right now in real time.

The appetite for change is huge in America right now. The majority of people are marching in cities for Black Lives Matter, and trying to mobilize to defeat Trump and his supporters in government. My worry is that this is too little too late. Progressives let their guard down, and in the meantime conservatives have rigged the game in their favour. Elections reform and financing aren’t sexy topics to focus on, until it affects you. Voting restrictions, gerrymandered districts and the Uber rich affecting elections are about to become the permanent norm in American politics.

However, it goes beyond that. The ultimate goal of conservatives has been to remake American in their image. Should they finally take control of the Supreme Court, expect Roe V. Wade to be overturned, the permitting of LGBTQ discrimination based on religious freedom, and the possible overturning of same sex marriage. Depending on how fast they are able to appoint someone to the court, and how close certain states voting numbers are, expect the possibility of a reflection of Donald Trump as president. It happened before in the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush. We all remember how that worked out.

The stakes have never been higher now, for the direction of America. That country is truly at a crossroads. This election has transformed from a simple referendum on Donald Trump, into a truly introspective view of America’s soul. What type of country does it want to be? As a Canadian we an only sit aside and watch. However, as we know our two nations are more closely entwined than probably any other nations in history. What happens in America, will no doubt affect us as well.

We can only hope and pray, that Amer

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