Hamilton, WTF?

The good people of Hamilton are known to have an opinion or two. God forbid however, should you want to exercise your right and share it with your elected city council.

Over the last few weeks, Hamilton City Council has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Councillor Terry Whitehead has made headlines for his abrasive and confrontational tone in committee. Against anyone who might disagree with him apparently. Staff and even citizens are not immune from his wrath it seems.

What makes Councillors such as Mr. Whitehead think they can get away with this decorum? Where is the civility in our municipal politics? What happened to the idea of democracy working to help make our communities better?

These are the ideas and topics we tackle this week on The 905er. The new episode is up and running, if you’re from the area I highly suggest you take a listen to this one.

Feel free to subscribe and listen on your favourite app by clicking on the image below:

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