The 905er talks wine in Niagara

A Question of Pride for the Halton Catholic School Board The 905er Podcast

Tonight will be a momentous night for the Halton Catholic District School Board. For weeks, the board has been wrestling with itself over whether or not the Pride flag ought to be raised over its schools. A motion brought by Trustee Brenda Agnew under the title "Supporting Our Diverse School Community" would direct the Pride flag to be flown over HCDSB schools and mandate a safe space poster in every class "to ensure that students in the 2SLGBT community are supported throughout the school year". This motion has attracted the support of numerous parents and students, who have written letters or registered to delegate in support for the motion.  However, others have expressed opposition to the flag, claiming it is not in line with the tenets of Catholicism. The motion has divided the Catholic community in Halton, Ontario, and the debate has raised questions once again about the place of publicly funded Catholic education in the province. We invited a former Halton Catholic School Board graduate, Niamh Shallow, onto the podcast to give her perspective.  Niamh is a third year Sociology major at Trent University, and has written in support of trustee Agnew's motion, and will be part of a delegation in favour of the motion at the HCDSB board meeting on Tuesday evening. Joining her is Deirdre Pike. 905er listeners will remember Deirdre from our episode on Hamilton Universal Basic Income pilot project.  She is also a recent nominee for an Ontario Newspaper Award for her column in The Spectator. Today she joins us as an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights who is also a practising Catholic. You can watch the HCDSB Board Meeting Live on YouTube here: The meeting agenda, including letters and delegation notes in support and opposition to the motions can be downloaded here: Thanks to those who help us put this together: Thanks to our patrons! You can join them at Supporting the 905er with a monthly donation enables us to do this podcast, to make it better and better, and to make sure it reflects your priorities. Please consider joining our growing team. The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes! Don’t forget to check out, even if you get the podcast delivered to you automatically. We post additional news and stories there when we can, and welcome submissions and ideas for additional content.
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  3. "They Don't Know How The System Works" – Andrea Grebenc and Patrick Murphy Speak Frankly About Provincial Education Mistakes
  4. Parks and Vaccination: failures of logic and imagination by multiple levels of government
  5. San Grewal of The Pointer talks about the politics of the 905.

Covid-19 has upended a lot of norms in our lives. Most impacted has been the tourism and hospitality sectors. Where business was most often conducted face to face and in more intimate and comfortable surroundings, the entire industry has been forced to throw out old business models and invent new ones.

We spoke with Jason Cassis a few weeks ago, about trying a new business venture in the middle of this pandemic. This week we spoke with Andrea Kaiser, Chair of Wineries of Niagara on the Lake. A wine industry marketing association for Niagara wineries. It was a fascinating discussion on what they have been doing to survive the pandemic and and how they are retooling to adapt to a different future than what we are used to.

These talks have given me renewed sense of optimism about our post-COVID-19 world. And how we can create something new and better than what we had before.

Take a listen and subscribe if you haven’t already. And more importantly spread the word about the podcast!

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