America…you disappointed me

It’s Nov 4th and we haves no idea who the president of the United States is. In all honesty, I suspect we don’t truly know for a few weeks. Trump already declared preemptive victory just as was predicted. So who knows what other tricks he has up his sleeves to contest the outcome. Joe Biden apparently has a clearer path to the White House, but the damage is done.

The rift in American society isn’t at the top, its at the grassroots level and is chasm deep. Looking as the results came in, nail biting race by nail biting race, state by state, it was clear, a large size of America was still okay with their choice they made in 2016.

Even after the children in cages at the border ripped from their parents. The endorsing of Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. The rampant nepotism and aggrandisement of his family. And most of all, a death toll of 225,000 COVID-19 victims and climbing. Nearly half of Americans believe in him.

Joe Biden may win the Presidency. However, he’ll be a president over a divided and racist country. America is a country without ties to each other. Tribalism is now as American as apple pie. And defeating those who are not you, is paramount. No common cause exists any more in America. They can’t even unite to defeat a pandemic.

I look at these results as an outsider literally. My parents and their generation would venerate America as a paragon of modernity, entrepreneurship and democracy. A force for good in the world in all things that mattered. That is gone. This election confirmed that, that America is dead, if it even existed at all.

I have no words of encouragement. I just have disappointment.

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