Joe Biden is about to inherit a mess…

Well, what a week it’s been eh?

Tuesday’s American Election has turned into a week long event. Filled with ups and downs as vote counts have slowly trickled in. Evidence of a broken bureaucracy where partisan interests clearly tried to discourage and dismantle the voting infrastructure. The saving grace is a GOTV machine that encouraged mail in voting early.

However, dealing with obtuse and obstructionist state voting apparatus are the least of Biden’s worries. His problems are much much deeper. By now, you’ve probably seen the armed protests by Trump supporters outside election offices.

The sentiment however is doubtful to be confined to only a few closed minded folks. Trumps vote is surpassing 70 million. As well, Donald Trump himself has reported shown signs that he will not concede the election no matter the result.

Armed protesters who cannot accept the democratic result, fuelled by conspiracy theories and lead by a demagogue who himself feeds his ego off their devotion. It would be a laughable plot to a B movie if it wasn’t reality. This is the sort of recipe for disaster we see in banana republics and dictator republics. Not the United States.

It’s abundantly clear, barring some unforeseen outside force, Joe Biden will become the next president of the United States of America. Small blessings to be counted for sure. However, he is going to be governing a country that is so clearly divided, angry and unwilling to work towards a common ground. I do not envy him.

What will be his first action as president? It’s not my place to say, but I would counsel him, to step away from the timidness that so often afflicts Democrats upon attaining power. We saw it with Barack Obama’s historic victory winning the presidency, the house and the senate. Only to squander the opportunity because of a lack of discipline and a concern about needing to extend the olive branch to the right.

Biden shouldn’t concern himself with this. It’s still within the realm of possibility the democrats will take the senate. If this should happen, then he should take it as a mandate to move forward unrelentingly. Proceed with a progressive policy platform to take America into the 21st Century. Green technology, electoral reform, gun control, and a comprehensive plan to tackle COVID-19 should all be aggressively tackled. The people want it. Believe they have your back.

As for the gun toting, Trump fanatics who storm state legislatures and threaten poll clerks while they count ballots? It’s time to turn the awesome power of the United States government on them. Treat them as they are. Domestic terrorists. Infiltrate, dismantle and prosecute these militias and organizations from the inside out. Expose them for what they are, weak willed cowards and fascists. They don’t want to negotiate, and quite frankly they don’t have anything America wants or needs. Cut it out like the cancer it is, and give America a time to heal.

Enough is enough of this nonsense. For too long, a generation has been under the grip of this far right ideology that has degenerated into conspiracy gun nut movement. It has been a long and messy process, but it appears that Joe Biden will have a mandate to become the next president of the United States.

Joe use it, to end this threat once and for all so the rest of us can move on.

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