Joe Biden’s Victory Could Spell Trouble for Canadian Politicians

Was that headline click bait?

Absolutely, but since you’re here lets proceed shall we?

Joe Biden’s election as president of the United States is definitely a good thing. A sensible, pragmatic and decent human being is now in charge of the world’s only superpower. Many of us can sleep easy. However, it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system compared to the previous four years.

For so long, the travesty that was Donald Trump’s administration dominated our news cycle in Canada. Issues surrounding Canadian politicians seemed tamed compared the appalling policies of separating parents from their children at the border. And rightfully so. This is going to change I’m betting. When the news from the United States isn’t about what horror it’s administration is inflicting upon it’s own people, the news can hopefully focus on more substantive matters like economic and health policies.

What will this mean for us in Canada? For starters, president-elect Biden is convening a team today (Monday) to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Using science and facts, the team may finally get America’s COVID-19 situation under control. Here in Canada, that has always been a point of pride. That we didn’t descend into America’s abyss of indifference allowing the pandemic to roam free here in Canada. This may change though. Currently, our COVID-19 numbers are steadily climbing. Particularly here in Ontario. To date, our government has yet to reveal a comprehensive plan to address this rise. What they have provided to us, was a colour chart to indicate which region was in what colour. So far it does not seem to have any effect on bringing COVID-19 numbers down in this province. For a long time, we were content with the thought that at least we aren’t as bad as the Americans. If Biden succeeds in drafting a plan to start turning the tide against the pandemic, then that sense of righteousness may quickly disappear.

In the long term, we in Ontario are already being left behind. A huge part of Biden’s campaign was to retool the economy out of the pandemic into a competitive, sustainable one, focusing on new green technology and infrastructure. Solar and wind is going to become the backbone of the American energy infrastructure over the next four years. I wouldn’t be surprised to see major investments into the American auto making industry to pursue great EV production and availability into the marketplace. Tax incentives and refunds for consumers seeking to purchase these vehicles, as well as retrofit their homes to becoming more sustainable are potential endeavours Biden’s administration may consider.

In Ontario, Premier Ford and the Tory government’s first actions was to dismantle and kill off the fledgling green energy industry in Ontario. We could have been poised both geographically and economically to take advantage of a huge new market literally on our doorstep. Instead we are now going to have to play catch up in the race for the future, and our own government cut off our legs at the starting line.

Times are about to change really fast and really hard for the world. It was easy to shake our heads and ignore the travesties of the Trump administration. We could shrug our shoulders and stumble towards some other endeavour. That isn’t the case any more. America has a real leader now, who is planning to unleash the full might of it’s federal government to transform it into a 21st century economy. Canada is going to have to run now to catch up.

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