It’s Not Going to Be 215 Children..

It’s going to be a lot, lot, more. In case you’re unfamiliar with what I’m refering to, its this:

Remains of 215 children found buried at former B.C. residential school, First Nation says

I highly doubt this is isolated. In the Truth and Reconciliation commission on residential schools in Canada, it was brought to light that 4,100 children died or went missing. It was estimated that thousands more were unaccounted for. It is more than likely that an examination of other residential schools across the country, you’ll find more unmarked mass graves.

This is staggering to wrap our heads around. This is a massive piece of modern history for many Canadians to wrap their heads around. And this is modern history. The last residential school closed in 1996. For the majority of Canadians alive, this system was alive and functioning in our life time. Organized by our government. In our name. We cannot ignore or explain away what happened here.

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The name is Bezos…Jeff Bezos…

So seemingly after reading my blog post yesterday, some executive at Amazon wanted to cash in on the furor surrounding it. I mean thats the only way to read the news today that Amazon is buying MGM for $8.45 Billion.

Check out the story here:

Amazon Buys MGM, Studio Behind James Bond, for $8.45 Billion

Its only furthering the case that studios having control over the industry is a thing of the past. Disney now owns not only Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, but 20th Century Fox as well. HBOMax has access to Warner Bros content, and now Amazon to MGM. More importantly, all of these streaming services have guaranteed multi billion dollar franchise generators attached to them.

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The streaming wars have ended and there was an unexpected casualty

Way way way back last year I wrote this entry on this blog:

Remember the Streaming Wars

It was back when in the myopic view of us vs them approach to storytelling, everyone was predicting that Disney+ would result in Netflix going out of business. Clearly, that didn’t happen. If anything market share for both has gone through the roof. In fact during the pandemic, another streaming powerhouse set up shop. HBOMax became the go to streaming service of the pandemic.

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The Hamilton LRT Means It Can Have Nice Things

What is wrong with Hamilton? That seems to be the question everyone is asking recently. The city’s light rail transit system has been sitting on a shelf for just over a decade now. Waiting for someone to say, go. It looked like all the signs were green. Political efforts were being made to push forward, until Premier Ford abruptly reversed course. Effectively cancelling the project. Mayor Fred Eisenberger was furious at not being properly consulted, and that this decision essentially ended the project before it began. The cry in Hamilton was “Why can’t we catch a break?”

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Bill C-10 has me agreeing with conservatives…

I never thought I’d say that statement above, and yet here we are. As many of you hopefully know by now, I have a small but mighty podcast called The 905er. So I have been following with keen interest the turmoil in Ottawa surrounding Bill C-10. For those of you unfamiliar with this potential legislation, here is a brief summary. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault brought forward legislation under Bill-C10 meant to enforce online platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and others, to pay into the Canada Media Fund. This would be done by bringing them under the jurisdiction of the CRTC. The real controversy arose, when the Liberals removed a clause, that would exempt user generated content from CRTC oversight. For greater insight into the back and forth over this click on these links:

Is the government trying to regulate the videos you post? What you need to know about Bill C-10

Feds plan change to Bill C-10 to make it ‘crystal clear’ social media uploads won’t be regulated

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Take the damn shot!

In light of NACi’s complete mess of a communications plan yesterday I thought I’d chime in with my rudimentary experience. Last week I got my Astra Zeneca shot at a local pharmacy. Finding the shot was a mess in and of itself. A story for another time. However, as my typing out this piece can attest. I am well and fine.

So of course this was a surprise yesterday:

The only side effects I received from the Astra Zeneca vaccine was a bad case of the chills, night sweats and a mild fever. For about 24 hours I felt like I was in a pretty bad flu spell. Luckily the time passed and now I feel fine. I didn’t panic because I had educated myself on what doctors and scientists were saying. Expect some mild symptoms of COVID-19, and the risks of blot clots etc were minuscule. Doing the rudimentary math in my head I went and found a place o jab me int he arm. I don’t regret it for a second.

We have a way out of this pandemic. We have multiple vaccines available to us. Which means we don’t need to worry about one plant producing vaccines for all of us. Multiple sources means we should be able to get doses to everyone.

This isn’t the time to play vaccine favouritism. In the end they all protect us from COVID-19 and that’s what matters. If you get an opportunity to get a shot in your arm. Take it. Do your part, for all our sakes.

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