An update on my homebrew

My bottling process at home in my kitchen
Easy, peasy bottling at home. Or so I thought

Just thought I’d let you know how my brewing expedition is going.  Today I finally got to bottle my homebrew.  It didn’t go as smoothly as I had planned.  For starters I discovered that I did not have the required corn sugar for the bottling process.  After shopping around early in the morning I found that a local home brew shop had what I was looking for.

I raced home to get started.  I have to admit the smell from my fermenting bucket was intoxicating.  An encouraging sign after a few weeks of waiting.  Unfortunately, I’d have to wait a little bit longer.  My siphon  failed to work and eventually broke, forcing me to run out and buy a second one.  Once I was back in business I bottled my brew and am now waiting another two weeks before sampling.

We shall see if I was successful or not!

My first attempt at being a brewmaster

So it’s been a while since I last posted a blog, but this seemed like an appropriate occasion to dive back into things.

I love beer.  I mean really love it.  Especially craft beer.  I love trying new beers from small breweries in Ontario.  I’m always fascinated by the love of brewing that these small entrepreneurs have.  I really would love to see some of them really make it big on their own.  However I know that it’s virtually impossible.  That’s a post for another day.

A while back my inlaws purchased as a gift for christmas a home brewing kit from  I finally got around to putting it into action today.

Here’s a pic of my set up.

My kettle, hops, yeast and mix on my stove top
My set up for my homebrew

I’m not going to get into a play by play, as I’ll be honest it’d probably bore you.  What I did love about it was playing with chemistry of the process, getting the boil to the right temperature, adding the hops at the right point.  Timing it all perfectly.  I’m still waiting for it to ferment in three weeks time.  So for all I know it could be for naught.  I think I’ll stick with it though.  It’s fun.  It’s time consuming.  It’s also an exercise in patience.  Who knows how this will all pan out.

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