New 905er Episode with Dave Meslin is up!

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This week we talk with Dave Meslin, who is a noted author and activist for democratic reform. The issue of ranked ballots continues to come up in our lives. Many folks remember the fiasco with the federal government of trying to change our archaic first past the post system with a more equitable model.

That debate just degenerated into a partisan bickering match, with no consensus reached at all. Dave made the interesting point in the podcast that true democratic reform often starts at the municipal level. Once we get used to how we elect our city council officials in a more fair and democratic manor, its easy to translate that to other levels of government.

Can the 905 region become an incubator for democratic reform? Can we be the catalyst for meaningful change across the country?

Click on the link below and have a listen to find out!

One of the great things about living in The 905

After less than 40 min in possibly the world’s longest drive thru line, you’d find yourself here.

I like to think that every community have key events that mark the calendar year. Social events that mark the beginning of one season and the start of another. Here in Burlington, the change of season with the start of summer and the end are signified by two events.

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Will #blacklivesmatter change Burlington?

Earlier this week, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward made an announcement about unveiling a new Black Lives Matter street mural. It is scheduled to stay up until Sept 13. I went down yesterday to take a look. I found it to be a rather unassuming piece of art. Perhaps that was the point.

I wanted to take a look at it, as earlier that week I had interviewed some of the organizers of the Burlington Black Lives Matter solidarity march that had inspired it’s creation. I encourage you to listen to the podcast episode. You can do so by going to The905er.

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Episode 3 of The 905er is up

This week we talked with the organizers of Burlington’s Black Lives Matter Solidarity March back in June.

10,000 people were estimated to have attended. Making it one of the most impactful events in Halton’s recent history. We talked with the organizers about how it started, and what the plans are for the future.

Dude, we’re finally getting masks

As the province rushed to reopen into Stage 2, our local municipal mayors in Halton were quick to advocate to include us in the reopening:

We were granted permission to reopen. Then came confusion. Businesses needed clarity on how to reopen to ensure their customers and their employees were safe from COVID-19. People wanted to know should masks now be standard wear when going out in public? What was the rule on mask? The response from our leaders? A collective shrug.

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A Sign of Things to Come

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working behind the scenes to help build a new locally focused media platform to address issues here in the 905 area. More details will be forthcoming, however the recent march in Burlington was too important to ignore.

Please read the post below on The905er. Like and share, and follow the page for when it launches soon. Thanks.

Here’s to the teachers that make a difference

Like every other parent in Canada, your kids are at home being schooled through some form of distance e-learning. No doubt to varying levels of success. Teachers are doing an amazing job of trying to learn a new teaching tool, and reaching out to their students to provide instruction and tutelage. I know some teachers are truly going above and beyond the call of duty to check in with their students mental health in these trying times.

It makes me think back to my days in school and the impact certain teachers left on me and my classmates. If you were a student at Assumption Secondary School in Burlington, during the 1990’s then you’re familiar with Claudio D’Amato, or D as he was more affectionately known amongst the students. I took religion with D in my grade 12 year. During the class we focused on human psychology. He had a method of making you challenge your assumptions and grow as a human being. And find a confidence and passion in yourself that you might not have known was there. When you hear stories about teachers that have a profound impact on a students life, it’s Claudio D’Amato that they are talking about.

Which is why when I discovered a column in The Spec online yesterday, I couldn’t help but nod along and say yep, that’s D.

You can read it here.

And to all the other teachers out there struggling along with distance learning and keeping your passion for your students alive. I can say as a parent without reservation, it’s not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work.

What is reasonable in Burlington?

Here in my hometown of Burlington, ON, the scuttlebutt is all regarding the recent decision by the City of Burlington to greatly reduce drive by parades. It has been met with a high degree of controversy to say the least. These are not normal times we currently live in. So many of our regular outlets for social interaction are missing from our day to day lives. In the wake of such disruption it’s not surprising that people find imaginative ways to come together while keeping each other safe.

The city’s decision here though is confusing. Our mayor herself admitted to participating in one such parade. Admitting to how wonderful the experience was. The parades themselves are creatures of the pandemic. A creative way for people to share their humanity while maintaining social distancing protective measures. It’s near impossible to spread the disease while in your car with the windows up. No one is approaching the vehicles on the road. So I’m failing to see where the harm is being inflicted. If there are concerns over road traffic and safety, there are existing traffic by laws that can be enforced.

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