Further Proof That I am Ahead of the Curve…

Last night The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiered on Disney +.

Four years go I tweeted this:

Bell, Bell, Bell…

It’s amazing how quickly Bell has undone years of good will built up with their #bellletstalk Day. For years, Bell appeared to be the giant conglomerate who cared about your well being. This year started off no different. Until the day ended.

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When you don’t walk the walk

We have a funny relationship with corporations in this country. There are certain entities that have transcended simple corporate identities and have ingrained themselves into our national identity. Tim Hortons and Canadian Tire are ones that certainly come to mind. The one I’m focusing on here is Bell Canada. However, for the most part their relationship could be chalked up to a beligerent family member we have to deal with. I’ve yet to hear any anecdotal stories about how great Bell Canada is. It’s more akin to ‘I needed internet in my house, Bell’s rates weren’t the worse I came across.’

In their efforts to ingratiate themselves into Canadian’s lives though, they introduced the annual fundraising for mental health day that we all affectionately know as #bellletstalk day. I’ve written before about this fundraising PR campaign. The more and more scrutiny this day receives, the more and more it becomes to me just a PR marketing campaign. Which is of course disappointing, as it showed so much promise at the start of truly revolutionizing how our country perceives mental health. Transforming the national consciousness for a positive cause is something to be commended.

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The Internet needs to be more than a privilege

Yesterday, if you had a kid in school in the Halton, Niagara and southern Ontario region you were faced with wide spread disruptions to your online experience.

There has been a number of times personally during this pandemic that it’s become painful that internet access in this country is very much an embarassment. Living in the 905 region of Ontario, it is thought that we would have fast and effective broadband internet. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that that is painfully not true.

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Hey Toronto Star, thanks for the homage!

At least thats what I assumed you were doing!

Today’s editorial looks and sounds an awful lot like my blog post Thursday…

Well I’ll let you be the judge:

The old Doug Ford is rearing his head again.

And Thursday’s blog post:

Found this surfing the inter webs this morning. One of my favorite films of all time is a Trans allegory…

Lilly Wachowski and her sister Lana are the infamous creators of the Matrix trilogy. I discovered this interview she did for Netflix to discuss the sisters creation of and implementation of their art into the Matrix.

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When I ran the numbers, I found something interesting

Coming off my last post, I thought I’d share this little bit of math I worked out back when Disney+ first came on the market.

I subscribe to the New York Times and they published an online interactive survey to determine what streaming services you should subscribe to. It’s here:

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Remember The Streaming Wars?

Netflix vs Disney

My apologies for being away for so long. Life seems to have crept up on me.

I originally started this blog as part of a class project. I focused on the cord cutting trend as at the time my family had just joined the movement at the time, and I wanted to examine the effects. While I’ve shifted my focus some what to other topics, this has always been in the back of my mind.

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A thought on #bellletstalk day

Today’s the day that no doubt you are being bombarded by posts on social media by people sharing their encouraging thoughts or their stories to break down the stigma associated with mental health. It’s a pretty phenomenal concept when you think about. An entire movement crossing multiple demographics all concerned with the well being of strangers.

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Is Youtube the next big studio?

As I was writing that title, I thought to myself it sounded a little stupid.  However, the more I mull it over in my head I’m not entirely certain that I’m off the mark here.  As you no doubt are aware Youtube is the largest video sharing site on the planet (and if you’re not, then “Hello, welcome to earth, you have a lot to catch up on.”)  All of it’s material is generated by average users.  Random people like you and me.  Now why I think of it as the next big studio waiting to happen, is because of the money behind it.

Forbes magazine, has put together a list of the top YouTube stars of 2016.  All of these kids are millionaires through YouTube.  Now if a lot of these videos are merely vlogs, sketch comedies or musings on life, it begs the question, what if someone were to create something really original and out there?  There are already some really great fan films for Star Wars on there:

and here:

Which leads one to wonder, if you can make this quality of film using a small budget, what if you can make a TV or Film series for YouTube distribution but with a high quality budget?  It seems the financial feasibility is there, there just needs to be the drive to produce something original.

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