My thoughts on Brexit, Trump and the World

After whats been a crazy week and year it seems on international news, I put my thoughts down on what I think it means for Canada.  You can read it here.

Despite what is going on around the world, I’m an optimist.  I believe that when people are scared they will believe almost anything told to them.  And therefore will do just about whatever someone with an agenda will tell them to do.  However despite how broken the world might seem at the moment, I do believe that it can be fixed.  And that people can aspire to their better angels.  That is if they are inspired with the right kind of leadership.

That’s where Canada can come into play.  I’ll it to you to read what I wrote.  Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts.  Agree or don’t agree, I’m open to new ideas.  Just keep in mind my comment policy.  Thanks!

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