What Doug Ford at the Cottage Means for the Omicron Variant:

So by now it’s widely known that Doug Ford has left Toronto for his cottage:


DF:Heading to the cottage, yah. MT:For the next lockdown? DF:Yah.

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Words Matter, Actions Even More

The love affair between mainstream political parties on the right and the far right causes may finally be coming to an end. I say may be, because it has been a long standing relationship for sometime now. The attempted insurrection on Jan 6th, in Washington D.C. served as a wake up call to conservative political movements world wide. The attempt to foster a reliable base of hardcore right wing supporters seems to have backfired. This base is quickly being revealed to be comprised of conspiracy theorists, racist organizations and other ne’er do wells. Clearly the kind of company mainstream conservative political parties no longer wish to cozy up to.

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How do you negotiate when your word isn’t worth anything?

I was about to sneak off to bed last night when I saw this come across my twitter feed:

No matter your goal in a negotiation, you have to have the confidence of everyone at the table that you will hold true to what you promise. No matter the outcome. Thats what makes negotiations a worthwhile exercise.

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