The signs are there, the Ontario government is grasping at straws

I have said many many times on here, that the province’s communications on COVID-19 is just as vital as the vaccine. We need to know what to do and how to do it to keep ourselves save. Its a lesson our provincial government is still struggling to learn.

A few months ago, we were coming out of the second wave. Lockdown restrictions were being lifted and the hope was we’d be getting vaccinations soon to help prevent another situation from arising like we’d just experienced. I had hoped that lessons had been learned, that plans would’ve been adjusted to encourage behaviour that would prevent the need for a third lockdown.

It appears that is not to be the case.

In today’s episode of The 905er, we go off on the status quo in Ontario. Listen to it here:

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Why you shouldn’t leave social media to just anyone…

This was tweeted out by Burger King in the UK on International Women’s Day…

Think before you tweet.

And yes I understand it was part of a thread to promote a new initiative to help women pursue their culinary endeavours. However that announcement could’ve been done better.

After 20 years, its time to say goodbye

There are some who are going to read this and be honestly shocked by what I’m about to write. This week I cancelled my memberships and monthly donations to the federal and provincial Libéral parties.

I should explain myself. This isn’t due to some falling out. Or a protest of government policy. I did use to work for the party in a previous lifetime. However that has come and gone. I have found a new passion and something that I enjoy doing very much. The 905er.

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In this second wave what’s essential?

A list of FAQ’s from the Premier’s office on the Stay at Home Order

So here we are in the midst of another stay at home order from the provincial government. Apparently our numbers warrant this drastic action. So be it.

There are differences from the previous lockdown we had roughly this time last year. The first time we went into lockdown, the government issued a definitive list of what and what was not essential services. What businesses could justify staying open.

If you look above, this time it’s more of a wish washy, if you feel you’re essential then you’re essential attitude. Why this murky grey zone? The provincial conservative government, is returning to a tried and true tropism of conservatism. The rural parts of the province are so different and unique from those effete liberal elites in Toronto.

Only, I can’t for the life of me see what is so uniquely essential for Timmins that isn’t essential for Toronto. Or vice versa. In fact would that be a great litmus test to determine what is truly essential or not? What can you not live without in Toronto and Timmins? Grocery stores, hardware and building supply stores, pharmacies, gas stations etc would clearly make the list. Restaurants would be included in that list as well. Outside of that, what else would be considered essential to live?

Of course, since we are in lockdown all services would be restricted to curbside pick up, or take out. But we’ve all been doing that for so long it’s not anything shocking by now. By not putting definitions in their orders, we’re just leaving everything open to interpretation. And isn’t that how we got into this predicament in the first place?

What’s the point of Santa?

It’s Christmas Eve. Aside from their birthday, I’d argue that this is the most exciting day of the year for a child. An entire season spent building up to tonight. Waiting for the jolly old elf to squeeze down their chimney or window to lay presents for them under the Christmas tree.

As we get older, we tend to lose that excitement. Instead it’s spent stressing over the end of year tasks that need to be finished. The reports at work that need to be tabulated, or the sales targets that need to be met (especially true this year). On top of that, working hard to try and make Christmas the special time of year we all expect it to be. Getting that perfect present, and finding the best foods to prepare. We tend to put the magic of the season aside in favour of the more practical points of Christmas. The wonder and magic of Christmas is delegated to the kids. Things like Santa is just a childish notion that we’re supposed to grow out of anyways. Or should we?

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It’s a Wonderful Life, is still relevant today…and that’s a problem.

Last night, I finally sat to down to watch my favourite Christmas movie. The timeless classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s themes of our common humanity and the impact one person can have on his or her friends and family, still resonate today. Maybe this year it’s more important than other years to hear that message.

However, there was one scene that stuck out to me though:

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Tom Cruise is the boss the world needs right now…

In case you missed it, another Hollywood megastar has been caught ranting to cast and crew on set. Only this time it’s completely justified.

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This might be my new obsession for the remainder of the year

Of all the years for something like this to be Aliens, this was the year…

I love a good mystery, and this one is definitely up there for weirdness factor:

By God though, it better be aliens…

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