Take a pic of yourself in plaid and post it to Twitter using #plaidfordad and Janssens Canada will donate $5 per picture to Prostate Cancer research.

So this is me doing the bare minimum for the cause.

Today is the Day…

Today is Relay at Home. As COVID-19 forced all of us to adjust our lives in dramatic fashion, so to did the ways our not for profits fundraise. The Canadian Cancer Society’s mission to find a life free from cancer persists despite the pandemic. Unfortunately it has meant that the standard events to capitalize on people’s generosity were transitioned into a new untested virtual format.

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Relay at Home this week

I’ve said before that I’m working with the local chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society to help retool their annual Relay for Life into and online event named Relay at Home.

Please contribute to my campaign here:

Click on the picture to go to my fundraising page.
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Charities need charity

An overlooked consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is the not for profit sector in the Canadian economy. Charities and not for profit organizations have seen their lifelines cut off. Millions of dollars expected from fundraising activities will not be arriving in the coffers of these organizations this year. The result has been a drastic restructuring of their operations, the permanent lay-offs of employees and the termination of multiple leases leaving landlords without reliable tenants. In some cases, I am certain we’d see the collapse of entire charities altogether.

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Help with Relay at Home

A little while ago I teased an upcoming project I was working on. I am excited to finally share all the details.

Prior to this pandemic, I was volunteering to help organize and promote the Halton chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life 2020. It was a terrific opportunity to help a worthy cause, and give back to my local community. I had met a wonderful team of motivated and hardworking staff and volunteers with the Cancer Society. Things were moving along swimmingly. And then COVID-19 happened.

All of our hard work came to a grinding halt and the status of this event was put on hiatus. Eventually it was canceled, and retooled into an online fundraising event. Renamed Relay at Home.

I am working with my former teammates to both fundraise and help promote this new event. You can donate to my campaign here:

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