Steve Paikin had a great conversation about the plight of restaurants. Take a look.

I came across the link below yesterday. Steve Paikin once again manages to get to the crux of the issue. The conversation summarizes precisely my arguments here and here.

Take a look:

The rent is too damn high…

Yesterday the Prime Minister stood outside the cottage at Rideau Hall to encourage landlords to participate in the CECRA program. In order to protect both their investments and small businesses from going bankrupt across the country.

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As I was saying…

In my previous posting.

This was from last night’s Power and Politics on CBC.

It’s time to extend that tenant protection to small businesses.

Government needs to sweeten the pot

The help is on the table. Landlords need to take it. I’ve written about the federal government’s commercial rent assistance program called CECRA before, here and here. My opinion piece in the Spec yesterday focused on it.

The fact of the matter is that landlords are not signing up in sufficient numbers to help save small businesses from going under. Stories have been circulating in the press about this topic.

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