Words Matter, Actions Even More

The love affair between mainstream political parties on the right and the far right causes may finally be coming to an end. I say may be, because it has been a long standing relationship for sometime now. The attempted insurrection on Jan 6th, in Washington D.C. served as a wake up call to conservative political movements world wide. The attempt to foster a reliable base of hardcore right wing supporters seems to have backfired. This base is quickly being revealed to be comprised of conspiracy theorists, racist organizations and other ne’er do wells. Clearly the kind of company mainstream conservative political parties no longer wish to cozy up to.

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This Remembrance Day,…a chance for reflection

Remembrance Day is to me a solemn day. Alongside Canada Day, I’d argue it is one of the national holidays that is uniquely part of our collective identity. While Canada Day may be the one reserved for boisterous and outgoing national pride, Remembrance Day has always been it’s counterpoint. Meant for us to reflect on what makes our country great, and the sacrifices generations before us gave up, to give us our country today.

Young and old, new Canadians and multi generational Canadians, conservative and liberal, all come together on Remembrance Day to pay their respects. It’s contemplative about who we were and currently are as a country.

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The death of RBG has turned the American election into a battle for it’s soul

The news was shocking to many last night. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. A judicial mind of eminent success, I believe I would do her memory injustice to attempt to categorize it here. Needless to say, her presence on the U.S. Supreme Court was a beacon for liberals and progressives. Helping to keep the progressive light alive in the face of overwhelming conservatism.

Progressives on both sides of the border are trembling in fear over what comes next. I started to wonder why. My only answer to that was that progressives in the United States took their eyes off the prize. Often too obsessed with winning the presidency, they forgot how their system of government worked. Republicans and conservatives did not. They have been playing the long game for decades, if not generations now. Institutionalizing a specific brand of conservatism in bodies around the country. Most relevant and poignant right now is the Federalist society. An organization which many probably are not aware of, and yet have probably more impact on their lives than they are aware of. The society is a group of conservative minded, and financially backed legal minds and judges with the goal of remaking the American judiciary in their image. Five of the judges on the U.S. Supreme Court are members. President Trump, doesn’t have the attention span or the stomach to have a meaningful opinion on this particular subject, so he has been essentially farming out the appointment process to the society to pick his judicial appointments. I’m hoping you can start to see where I am going with this.

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The best laid plans…and all that.

Try to remember the start of this pandemic. I know it feels like a lifetime ago, but really try to remember the start. The uncertainty and the sudden shift thrust upon our lives. From workplace to social structures. Especially our education system. Literally overnight, our school system went from a safe and reliable place to send our children to become better citizens, into incubators of this dreaded disease.

Many were optimistic that technology could help us through this uncertainty. Shifting to a new online distance learning could save the day. Possibly opening up new horizons in the ways our children are educated. However, three months into this grand experiment a new reality is setting in. The experience of online learning is leaving much to be desired. I’ve yet to hear from any parents or teachers who are entirely satisfied with the status quo.

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Conservatism isn’t going to get us out of this mess

I wanted to steer clear of political stuff for a while, but I didn’t predict a global pandemic shifting our zeitgeist so drastically in a month. Let me preface this article by emphasizing I mean small ‘c’ conservatism, not political parties.

In the matter of one month, what looked like a small regional outbreak of COVID-19, has turned into an unprecdented global emergency. To combat this emergency, governments are retooling and mobilizing our economies on a war footing. The likes of which has not been seen since world war 2. It’s becoming clear that large scale government intervention will be required to come out of this crisis whole.

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Changes are coming, whether we like it or not

Earlier, I wrote about how happy I was to live in Canada during this global pandemic. That hasn’t changed. The pandemic is changing almost at an hourly rate it seems. Our federal, provincial and municipal leaders are taking this seriously and addressing the crisis as I would expect them to.

Which brings me to today’s unique sitting of the federal government to pass legislation to tackle the economic downturn we are all facing. I’m pleased to see our legislative system still functions. The Liberals are smart to back down on taxation measures that go beyond the normal accountability process of parliament.

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