A scarier and more private Cold War

In case you’ve been cooped up raging against the news over COVID-19. Here’s something that you might have missed. The Guardian published a fantastic whistleblower account of Facebook’s inability to properly police it’s own policies.

You can read it here. Sophie Zhang was a low level employee who’s job it was to police fake engagement on the site. Essentially when someone tries to boost their own profile through getting fake likes to game the algorithm. She was let go under less than auspicious circumstances as outlined in the article.

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An Interesting Point of View on the Matters of Free Speech and Social Media

Found this on Twitter this morning:

Definitely some interesting points to debate. I do believe that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg of the world need to step up better. Adhere to their own guidelines that have been posted for all to participate in. Donald Trump’s take down should’ve happened years ago. His behaviour on Twitter and Facebook definitely violated their terms of service.

I hope that a lesson has been learned by both companies that trying to twist their own rules around to permit violators of their platform’s rules to stay on is a futile gesture. Only time will tell.

All it took was a coup attempt…

Well he’s finally gone from social media:

It’s frustrating that all it took was a coup attempt from his followers, initiated by him. The fact that Donald Trump will no longer be allowed to stir up division and hatred online is a good thing regardless. Unfortunately the right wing news echo chamber still exists. I suspect a few of them will still go to him for quotes or some perspective bit. At least until another demagogue comes along.

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In case you were under a rock all day yesterday, the American Capitol building was overrun by terrorist and insurrectionists. You can see the coverage here:

I posted earlier this week about how Trump will be a thorn in the side of America for years to come. I didn’t think I’d be proven wrong this early after writing it.

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This Remembrance Day,…a chance for reflection

Remembrance Day is to me a solemn day. Alongside Canada Day, I’d argue it is one of the national holidays that is uniquely part of our collective identity. While Canada Day may be the one reserved for boisterous and outgoing national pride, Remembrance Day has always been it’s counterpoint. Meant for us to reflect on what makes our country great, and the sacrifices generations before us gave up, to give us our country today.

Young and old, new Canadians and multi generational Canadians, conservative and liberal, all come together on Remembrance Day to pay their respects. It’s contemplative about who we were and currently are as a country.

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Joe Biden is about to inherit a mess…

Well, what a week it’s been eh?

Tuesday’s American Election has turned into a week long event. Filled with ups and downs as vote counts have slowly trickled in. Evidence of a broken bureaucracy where partisan interests clearly tried to discourage and dismantle the voting infrastructure. The saving grace is a GOTV machine that encouraged mail in voting early.

However, dealing with obtuse and obstructionist state voting apparatus are the least of Biden’s worries. His problems are much much deeper. By now, you’ve probably seen the armed protests by Trump supporters outside election offices.

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The talk of the day is democratic reform

Well sorta. In case you missed it, this week on The 905er we spoke with Dave Meslin about the prospective ranked ballots initiatives in Burlington and Mississauga. Take a listen here:

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New 905er Episode with Dave Meslin is up!

Get it while it’s fresh!

This week we talk with Dave Meslin, who is a noted author and activist for democratic reform. The issue of ranked ballots continues to come up in our lives. Many folks remember the fiasco with the federal government of trying to change our archaic first past the post system with a more equitable model.

That debate just degenerated into a partisan bickering match, with no consensus reached at all. Dave made the interesting point in the podcast that true democratic reform often starts at the municipal level. Once we get used to how we elect our city council officials in a more fair and democratic manor, its easy to translate that to other levels of government.

Can the 905 region become an incubator for democratic reform? Can we be the catalyst for meaningful change across the country?

Click on the link below and have a listen to find out!

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