I’m really proud of this. Give it a listen please.

If you have 40 minutes today give a listen to this week’s episode of The 905er. I’m really proud of this episode and is what we hoped to accomplish with this medium and format.

What do you do when the leadership is done online?

Last night, my wife and I sat down to watch the streamed online virtual meeting for the Halton Catholic School Board. Why? Are we boring individuals who watch too much YouTube? Probably yes, but that wasn’t the case last night. The board decided to debate a policy resolution to allow masks to be optional in elementary schools from the JK to Grade 3 levels.

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A word of advice as we go #backtoschool

As it says in the tweet. You can listen to the entire episode by clicking on the link to go to your favourite podcast app.

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We still haven’t figured out the start of school.

Found this column in my social media this morning.

Jane Sims with the London Free Press, wrote this article about the last minute race to get back to school. Frankly why are we still rushing to change the plan days left to go until the scheduled start of school?

We’ve had months to plan. This stage of the pandemic was predicted in May. When our medical officials all stated that life would not be returning to normal until a vaccine was developed and distributed. Why wasn’t planning started then?

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Things are going to look very different this fall

I’m sharing a video of a webinar the Halton Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hamidah Meghani. She outlines how the return to school protocols will look for this fall.

It’s very clear the school year is going to look very very different from anything we’re used to. I suspect that this is going to be a taste of things to come for a very very long time.

Doug Ford is showing where his priorities are

The start of school is only a few weeks away. Many school boards are scrambling to finalize their plans and try to find a way to make sure schools are as safe as possible. Much at the expense to any long term projects the boards might have. As the requirement to hire more teachers and find space is coming out of reserves or planning for debt spending.

Global News – Guelph’s public school board to hire 160 teachers to reduce class sizes


Toronto Star – Toronto public school board to hire 366 elementary teachers, reduce class sizes

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School is starting and we’re back where we were in March

I know you’re thinking I’m referring to the pandemic. Sort of. Mostly I’m referring to the teacher’s unions rotating strikes that were frustrating parents. Remember those? They seem like a lifetime ago. In some cases they were. A brief recap if you will.

The Ontario government and every provincial teacher’s union were at an impasse over proposed new spending cuts on the part of the Ford government. Every teachers union in every board of the province were utilizing rotating strike schedules to protest the government’s plans. The result was chaos in scheduling for parents and a dive in the polling numbers for the Ford government.

Then COVID-19 hit us like a freight train. Immediately all of those issues were put on the back burner. Contracts were signed as the province shut down our schools. Premier Ford enjoyed a huge uptick in support in the polls. To him it must have seemed like the previous two years had never happened.

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There is growing division in the province

Anxiety about returning to school is settling in amongst parents in Ontario. Questions that have been asked since schools first closed in March are not being answered. The provincial government is sticking dogmatically to it’s plan of returning to school as is, with the exception of encouraging and mandating masks. As well as providing $308 million for use to sterilize and clean every school in Ontario.

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This is an appalling indictment of your own return to school plan.

Just who exactly is running the show at Queen’s Park leading up to Ontario returning to school this fall?

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New Episode of The 905er is up.

413 Reasons Why: A Vision For Vibrant Cities In A Post Commuter World The 905er Podcast

Joel and Roland talk share their admiration for the Community Climate Council's webinar on Highway 413, get all misty eyed about the idea of after-work drinks in a pedestrian-friendly downtown, and then discuss a rare win for the City of Burlington at LPAT – why it was a win, and whether it will stay a win. Spoiler alert – probably not. Finally they discuss Halton Region's unanimous request to the Province and whether, for once, the Region is actually making a fair point. Thanks to those who help us put this together: Thanks to our founding patrons! You can join them at https://www.patreon.com/the905er. Supporting the 905er with a monthly donation enables us to do this podcast, to make it better and better, and to make sure it reflects your priorities. Please consider joining our growing team. The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes! Don't forget to check out 905er.ca every so often, even if you get the podcast delivered to your automatically. We try to post additional news and stories there when we can, and welcome submissions and ideas for additional content.  
  1. 413 Reasons Why: A Vision For Vibrant Cities In A Post Commuter World
  2. How Green Is My Greenbelt?
  3. Racism in Our Schools (Part 2) – Students Speak Up YCDSB and Hamilton Students For Justice
  4. Racism in Our Schools (Part 1) – Students Speak Up YCDSB and Hamilton Students For Justice
  5. Cindy Cosentino – Who Wins from School Boards Employing Non-Teachers as Directors of Education?

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