After 20 years, its time to say goodbye

There are some who are going to read this and be honestly shocked by what I’m about to write. This week I cancelled my memberships and monthly donations to the federal and provincial Libéral parties.

I should explain myself. This isn’t due to some falling out. Or a protest of government policy. I did use to work for the party in a previous lifetime. However that has come and gone. I have found a new passion and something that I enjoy doing very much. The 905er.

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This Remembrance Day,…a chance for reflection

Remembrance Day is to me a solemn day. Alongside Canada Day, I’d argue it is one of the national holidays that is uniquely part of our collective identity. While Canada Day may be the one reserved for boisterous and outgoing national pride, Remembrance Day has always been it’s counterpoint. Meant for us to reflect on what makes our country great, and the sacrifices generations before us gave up, to give us our country today.

Young and old, new Canadians and multi generational Canadians, conservative and liberal, all come together on Remembrance Day to pay their respects. It’s contemplative about who we were and currently are as a country.

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Tonight, Trudeau tries to change the future

Tonight, Prime Minister Trudeau is going to try and change the end goals for his government. Rightly so too. This isn’t the same country that existed when this current government first introduced their throne speech. The pandemic has exacerbated in equalities, and decimated entire segments of the economy. It is certainly reasonable to say that Canada is not returning to it’s past self. In that light, it is prudent for leadership to embrace the change that has been thrust upon us all. Rather than let Canada succumb to the storm of change, it is right for him to try and seize the wheel of the ship and steer us towards a new port of prosperity.

I have no insight of forewarned knowledge of what is in the Throne speech. I do have some wishful thinking though. So here is what I am hoping to see this afternoon and tonight in his address:

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Trudeau pulls a Harper

I don’t often write about federal politics here. Mostly as there is ample coverage from other sources than me. However this weeks news about prorogation has made me want to chime in. There are a number of aspects of this that I’d look at so please bear with me.

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Conservatism isn’t going to get us out of this mess

I wanted to steer clear of political stuff for a while, but I didn’t predict a global pandemic shifting our zeitgeist so drastically in a month. Let me preface this article by emphasizing I mean small ‘c’ conservatism, not political parties.

In the matter of one month, what looked like a small regional outbreak of COVID-19, has turned into an unprecdented global emergency. To combat this emergency, governments are retooling and mobilizing our economies on a war footing. The likes of which has not been seen since world war 2. It’s becoming clear that large scale government intervention will be required to come out of this crisis whole.

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Trudeau’s Trip to Africa is Important…but Not for The Reasons You Think.

Prime Minister Trudeau meets with Senegal President Macky Sall
Senegal’s President Macky Sall walks alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, upon arrival at the Presidential Palace in Dakar, Senegal, on Feb. 12, 2020.

No doubt you’ve read stories in the Canadian press highlighting Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip through Africa. The immediate purpose is to advocate for Canada’s seat on the Security Council of the UN. This is admirable and I am happy to see Canada take on such a role internationally.

The news of his trip caught my eye though for a different reason. For years, China has been heavily investing in African countries. At the same time Chinese business has been offshoring much of the manufacturing and low wage work that we used to associate with their economy to African nations. However, a major handicap for African nations has traditionally been poor infrastructure to facilitate a robust industrial manufacturing sector. To offset this, China has been building major infrastructure projects themselves throughout the continent.

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A 2019 Election Postmortem

So wow, what a night hmm?

Been trying to piece together a few thoughts on what the last few weeks meant. My last political post on here was how disappointed I was with the Trudeau blackface scandal that I ended up removing my lawn sign. In the end we put it back up. The issues facing our country are too large for any one person’s bad decisions in the past to throw away our future.

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