The Pandemic is Not a Michael Bay Movie

No doubt you’ve been spending a lot of time during this pandemic practicing social distancing by watching a lot of movies. In times like these, there’s nothing like a good bombastic escapism popcorn flick to take your mind of reality. In my honest opinion there is no better director who has master this than Michael Bay. Now this isn’t going to be a critique of his directing abilities. I don’t have the patience for that. What I am looking to write about is the overlap between his films and a certain segment of our population during the era of COVID 19.

If you watch enough of his films, you’ll notice a common thread in all of his films. The expert advice is always ignored over the individual rough and tumble hero of the film, who shrugs off their perceived incompetence to save the day in their own way. Take for example, Armageddon, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck ignore the advice of NASA rocket scientists to train astronauts on drilling in favour of having to do it themselves. In 13 Hours, John Krasinski is left stranded on the front lines due to bureaucratic ineptitude, in the middle of a firefight and must courageous fight on his own to save the day. In Bay’s latest action flick, 6 Underground Ryan Reynolds demonstrates how easy it is to over throw a government using only 6 people. Don’t get me wrong, Bay’s films are fun action films where enough explosions can always wrap up the plot satisfyingly. In reality though the themes they advocate rarely translate well to solve the world’s problems.

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