The Halton Mayors are at it again…

Tis the week before Christmas and all through the province, the 905 was asking…are we going into a lockdown? The Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie has come out requesting that lockdown be extended for all red zones in the 905 to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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A follow up on the Nazi Monument in Oakville

I wrote previously about the memorial to a Nazi SS division in an Oakville Ukrainian cemetery. Apparently I’m not the only person offended by it’s presence. You can see the InsideHalton article here goes more in depth on it.

What I find perplexing though, is some of the comments on the article, trying to ‘both sides’ this article. Arguing in favour of it to preserve history and ‘liberalism run amok’.

Quick fact check here: Those liberals against Nazis fought a war to defeat the them and their ideology. Also you don’t erect monuments to the losing side.

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