America Burning…

It’s hard to focus on anything these days except the state of America. Even a global pandemic can’t hold back the centuries of racial injustice perpetrated on African Americans and other minorities. As a Canadian, I look at the nightly news these days with a shake of my head. Disappointed in what was once the great dream of America, being transformed into a nightmare. I am not shocked however.

Any student of American history, can understand the seeds for this discord were sown centuries ago. Actually it was done on July 4, 1776 to be precise. With the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers stated infamously “All men are created equal”, and then purposefully limited who could be defined as a man. Racial inequality has been a part of the American way of life since before it was born. They have never let go of that tradition. Heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and going back as far as Frederick Douglass have fought for every inch of freedom. Their stories running parallel to the American experiment.

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Here’s to turning 39 in a pandemic

Today I turn 39. It’s not a milestone exactly but in a pandemic it causes a moment of reflection.

I will be celebrating it as normal as one can these days. I will be ordering out for dinner with the family. We’ll have cake. And I am receiving many well wishes from friends and extended family. I’ll admit these are practices that aren’t much different from previous years.

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My Opinion Piece was published in The Spec today

You can read it online here.

Feeling rather proud this morning getting my first Op-Ed published in a major newspaper. Hope your Friday is going well.

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Restaurants are asking for help, we should listen

I wrote an Opinion piece I submitted to local papers on the crisis our restaurant industry is facing. I’m not sure if it’ll get picked up or not, but I figured I’d share it here anyways. Enjoy:

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