Who had Cuban Revolution on their COVID Cards?

Of all the news that I did not predict this year, mass protests in Cuba would definitely top the list. Ultimately I don’t find this news surprising. My wife and I went to Cuba on our honeymoon. During the stay we took a day trip into Havana to see the sights. As you walk through the city a number of things strike you. Namely the complete lack of Americanization. No McDonald’s, Coca Cola signs, or any outward signs of capitalism. Coming from a first world country strictly rooted in capitalism, I have to say it’s a jarring experience. What you get in a trade off is walking through a city that is like traveling through time. Within a few blocks we had seen a cathedral originally built by Christopher Columbus, a district of buildings built during the era of Spanish colonialism, and then the modern museum of Cuban history. A unique characteristic that helped my wife and I fall in love with the city.

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