Bill C-10 has me agreeing with conservatives…

I never thought I’d say that statement above, and yet here we are. As many of you hopefully know by now, I have a small but mighty podcast called The 905er. So I have been following with keen interest the turmoil in Ottawa surrounding Bill C-10. For those of you unfamiliar with this potential legislation, here is a brief summary. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault brought forward legislation under Bill-C10 meant to enforce online platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and others, to pay into the Canada Media Fund. This would be done by bringing them under the jurisdiction of the CRTC. The real controversy arose, when the Liberals removed a clause, that would exempt user generated content from CRTC oversight. For greater insight into the back and forth over this click on these links:

Is the government trying to regulate the videos you post? What you need to know about Bill C-10

Feds plan change to Bill C-10 to make it ‘crystal clear’ social media uploads won’t be regulated

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Where is the competition?

Big news in the business world yesterday in Canada was about Sobey’s purchase of Longo’s for $357 million. Giving them 51% control of Longo’s with an option to control 100% down the road. Normally, it would be the case of another business deal in Canada, however take a step back and see just what the parent company of Sobey’s now owns. Empire Company Ltd., now owns Farmboy, Safeway, IGA, Sobey’s FreshCO, Foodland and now Longo’s.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Rogers is looking to purchase Shaw in the telecom industry. A move that would make them the second largest telecom company in the country.

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