This is what a Canadian Rebellion looks like

The news of the day is of course, the Peel medical officer of health, Dr. Lawrence Loh invoking his authority to close schools for the next two weeks.

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When have the doctors been wrong?

As the latest lockdown measures are about to be lifted here in Ontario, once again we are hearing from scientists and doctors that if we let our guard down, the new variant could drive us into a third lockdown this spring.

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The Globe’s Editorial Hits the Nail on the Head

Second wave, stupid people

We are taking steps in the wrong direction

Yesterday’s big news was a reported increase of 200 new cases in Ontario. In B.C. Dr. Bonnie Henry is warning of a potential explosion in new cases if current trends are continuing. This is indeed worrisome news. Especially after all the hard work Canadians have done to help flatten the curve during the spring season.

Unfortunately, the data we are looking at right now is not real time. It is delayed because of the 14 day incubation period of COVID-19. In Ontario, these new case increases are from our initial Stage 2 reopening. That only happened four weeks ago in Toronto and Peel region. I suspect that its still too early to expect stage 3 numbers to be reported. However, it is apparent that we didn’t wait to see how stage 2 affected the spread of COVID-19 before declaring victory and moving on to stage 3.

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Life with COVID-19 is more complicated than we thought

As many provinces and jurisdictions across the province continue to reopen their economies, confusion is starting to take hold. It is understandable to see the rush to restaurants and public spaces again. Especially after being in lockdown for four months.

However as the economy reopens its apparent that we are seeing a steady increase in new cases. The fact is clear, as social distancing guidelines are lifted or loosened COVID-19 comes back. Which leads us to the obvious fact. We are not returning to our way of life prior to March 2020. Things we took for granted, like being able to window shop, browse, go out and run errands, or sit for hours in a restaurant catching up with friends are indeed history. New norms and practices are going to be needed. Not only for our safety, but to level the playing field for businesses.

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This is how we ruin it for everyone

The move into stage 3 in Toronto happened prematurely it seems at MARBL restaurant. Check out this video reported on by the CBC.

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Lessons learned for restaurants and small businesses in Stage 2

So the Stage 2 reopening continues across Canada. More so in a haphazard manner rather than a seamless rollout. Mandatory mask mandates are inconsistent across jurisdictions. As well, there seems to be a reluctance on the part of local governments to make new COVID-19 guidelines mandatory. I spoke earlier in the week about why I thought adding these new guidelines into public health criteria is important. Here in Halton region however, the public health unit has made it abundantly clear that it will not be inspecting local restaurants or businesses for adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.

So that leaves small businesses on their own to ensure public safety as we reopen our economy. Personally I think its a tall order to put on the backs of small business owners, but here we are. What this means for restaurants and other small businesses, is that it is now incumbent on them to ensure the public has confidence that their safety is now the owners top priority. Unsurprisingly, it has lead to some confusion amongst the public as businesses adapt to a new business model.

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The other side of reopening

In the mad rush south of the border to reopen their economy, COVID-19 has made a dramatic comeback:

There are lessons to be learned here. One of which is that COVID-19 doesn’t care about your intentions. It will exploit any gaps you can give it. Which means as we reopen our economy here in Ontario and Canada at large we have to remain even more aware of the presence of this disease.

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