Bill C-10 has me agreeing with conservatives…

I never thought I’d say that statement above, and yet here we are. As many of you hopefully know by now, I have a small but mighty podcast called The 905er. So I have been following with keen interest the turmoil in Ottawa surrounding Bill C-10. For those of you unfamiliar with this potential legislation, here is a brief summary. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault brought forward legislation under Bill-C10 meant to enforce online platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and others, to pay into the Canada Media Fund. This would be done by bringing them under the jurisdiction of the CRTC. The real controversy arose, when the Liberals removed a clause, that would exempt user generated content from CRTC oversight. For greater insight into the back and forth over this click on these links:

Is the government trying to regulate the videos you post? What you need to know about Bill C-10

Feds plan change to Bill C-10 to make it ‘crystal clear’ social media uploads won’t be regulated

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A scarier and more private Cold War

In case you’ve been cooped up raging against the news over COVID-19. Here’s something that you might have missed. The Guardian published a fantastic whistleblower account of Facebook’s inability to properly police it’s own policies.

You can read it here. Sophie Zhang was a low level employee who’s job it was to police fake engagement on the site. Essentially when someone tries to boost their own profile through getting fake likes to game the algorithm. She was let go under less than auspicious circumstances as outlined in the article.

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Bell, Bell, Bell…

It’s amazing how quickly Bell has undone years of good will built up with their #bellletstalk Day. For years, Bell appeared to be the giant conglomerate who cared about your well being. This year started off no different. Until the day ended.

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The race for social media is on…

So as it turns out the repercussions of Jan 6th are more widespread than first anticipated. The violent attempted insurrection on the U.S. Capitol has made many question, how did this happen. While the people who were responsible are being identified, there is blame also being pointed towards institutions in society. Namely, the tech and social media giants out there.

And they are aware of the situation as well. Notably, the race by Google and Apple to pull down the right wing platform Parler. Followed by the move by Amazon to pull it’s hosting of the platform. More interesting is the fact that a judge has agreed with Amazon. This isn’t a fight over free speech, but rather a disagreement between private entities. It is telling to find that in recent months, all the social media platforms have discovered they’ve had the ability all along to police activity on their platforms.

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An Interesting Point of View on the Matters of Free Speech and Social Media

Found this on Twitter this morning:

Definitely some interesting points to debate. I do believe that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg of the world need to step up better. Adhere to their own guidelines that have been posted for all to participate in. Donald Trump’s take down should’ve happened years ago. His behaviour on Twitter and Facebook definitely violated their terms of service.

I hope that a lesson has been learned by both companies that trying to twist their own rules around to permit violators of their platform’s rules to stay on is a futile gesture. Only time will tell.

All it took was a coup attempt…

Well he’s finally gone from social media:

It’s frustrating that all it took was a coup attempt from his followers, initiated by him. The fact that Donald Trump will no longer be allowed to stir up division and hatred online is a good thing regardless. Unfortunately the right wing news echo chamber still exists. I suspect a few of them will still go to him for quotes or some perspective bit. At least until another demagogue comes along.

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Hey Toronto Star, thanks for the homage!

At least thats what I assumed you were doing!

Today’s editorial looks and sounds an awful lot like my blog post Thursday…

Well I’ll let you be the judge:

The old Doug Ford is rearing his head again.

And Thursday’s blog post:

Podcasting needs to change in Canada

For the last three months, I have been busy building my new podcast The 905er into a viable enterprise. I have been working with a colleague, Roland Tanner on this. Neither of us had experience creating podcasts, nor marketing them. However, like any good entrepreneur, that hasn’t stopped us from diving in head first.

We have learned quickly a lot of this new media industry in Canada. Mostly as to how there doesn’t seem to really be one. According to one estimate, there are approximately 850,000 podcasts out there right now. With that number you must be saying, Joel you’ve just contradicted yourself. Normally I’d agree, however there is another statistic that we’ve observed since beginning this venture.

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Episode 7 of The 905er is up!

This week we speak with Audra Williams and her partner Haritha Gnanaratna about their project Ninety Minutes from Toronto.

Listen to the episode by clicking on the link below:

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